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Meet The Walking Dead’s New Season Four Regulars

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 11 years ago

Meet The Walking Dead's New Season Four Regulars

Following last Sunday’s explosion and death-filled season finale, The Walking Dead won’t return to screens until October 2013.

In the meantime, some recent casting news sheds light on who we will be seeing a lot more of when the show is back on the air.

Please be aware that this report contains some spoilers for the finale episode, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to hold off until you do.

Check below for four new series regulars plus one recurring guest star who will be gracing our screens next October.


David Morrissey as the Governor












The finale episode “Welcome to the Tombs” left some viewers divided when it came to the issue of the Governor’s fate. While some were hoping for a show down between Rick and Woodbury’s head man, the Governor’s massacre of most of Wodbury’s able-bodied and subsequent flight into the woods, left the fate of the season’s biggest villain wide open. David Morrissey will return as a regular in October to wreak fresh havoc.


Emily Kinney as Beth Greene











While Beth Greene has come a long way since the death of her mother and subsequent suicide attempt, we still feel that Hershel’s youngest daughter has a lot more potential in her. Largely relegated to the background this season (except for an occasional bout of singing), Beth will return next season as a regular, and hopefully with some interesting story-lines too.


Chad Coleman as Tyreese










Walking Dead comic book fans were surely disappointed with Chad Coleman’s scenes as Tyreese this season. The comic book fan favorite spent most of his time shunted between the prison and Woodbury, where he pondered his role, in a state of confusion. We’re hoping that once a series regular, Tyreese fans will get to see some of those leadership skills which made him such an essential asset to Rick and the group in the comic book series, and perhaps some of that Carol-Michonne love triangle too?


Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha, Tyreese’s sister

















Sonequa Martin-Green, currently doing a spin on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, is Tyreese’s sharp-shooting sister with a moral core. Joining her brother in an unsatisfactory back-and-forth between the prison and Woodbury for the duration of this season, Sasha’s storyline is wide open for some real development come season four.


Also returning next season as a guest star is …

Melissa Ponzio as Karen














Karen is the sole survivor of the massacre at the Governor’s hands, and was the person responsible for leading Rick to Woodbury and helping to relocate its weaker residents to the prison. Although not strictly a series regular, we look forward to seeing Melissa Ponzio’s Karen in action as the Governor’s legacy is explored further.


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