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Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal Renewed for a 2nd Season

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal Renewed for a 2nd Season

Nathan Fielder pretty much showcased his sense of humor with his reality show Nathan for You, but his latest HBO series The Rehearsal really goes to great lengths to portray how meticulous and manipulative Fielder can be.

The first season of the series had just ended, and now HBO is announcing that Fielder has been greenlit for even more of his antics in a second season. Here’s the post:

Though the series did start out with each episode looking to focus on a new personality, The Rehearsal did end up becoming serialized somewhat with Fielder inserting himself in the story and suddenly manipulating events so that he could have some kind of personal stake with the outcome.

We don’t know if that was his intention all along, but the approach certainly provides a change of pace when it came to Nathan for You, which featured a different business owner every episode. By episode three, you can feel that Fielder somehow becomes the center of the story and the camera focuses on him as he tries to react to changing surroundings.

Then again, what if he was just orchestrating all these moments for some great television? We know he’s completely capable of that.

With the first season giving us a very in-depth dissection of Fielder himself, I hope that Season 2 goes even deeper into that hole.

No release date has been announced for the second season of The Rehearsal, but you can catch the complete first season now streaming on HBO Max.

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