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Hard Work Pays Off: Nicki Minaj Helps Fund Students With Straight A’s

BY Max Veron

Published 5 years ago

Hard Work Pays Off: Nicki Minaj Helps Fund Students With Straight A’s

It’s good to be part of the #TheKINGDOM. Twitter blew up last night when a fan jokingly asked Nicki Minaj to pay for his tuition and the star tweeted back that she would – if he could prove it.

Once people realized Nicki wasn’t joking, dozens of requests were soon sent for help funding school fees. The requests covered scholarships, tuition, equipment, housing, and even student loans! Nicki didn’t even blink – she treated the serious requests with kindness and generosity.

Most followers asked for less than $1000, but the star seemed willing to go even higher. One fan even asked for $6,000 to pay for accommodations and other things. The price was no object to Nicki. So long as her followers could prove their grades (and she could verify the grades with their schools), she agreed to uphold her end of the bargain.

This tweet summarized the feelings of all broke college students last night as twitter went into a frenzy over Nicki’s impromptu “contest.”

Nicki Minaj offers to fly out fans to join her at the Billboard Music Awards

This wasn’t the first time Nicki showed generosity towards her followers on Twitter. Just hours before offering to help students pay off their school expenses, Nicki challenged her fans to make their own version of her “Regret In Your Tears” music video. The winners would join her at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Naturally, hundreds of fans decided to test their luck. Any video retweeted or liked by Nicki would be up for consideration. The star gave plus points for creativity. Some fans came up with some interesting location shots, like a pool. Others used their recent breakups to fuel their videos. One fan even used their goat as a secret weapon and had Nicki laughing in tears.

Nicki’s generosity didn’t just stop at offering seats at the BBMAs. She extended the contest to include entries from around the world. Then, she said first place would have the alternate option of hanging out with her in the studio! And for added incentive, she tweeted that winners with really good videos would be able to bring a friend as a plus one to the Billboard Music Awards.

How much more generous can you get? Once again, Nicki Minaj proves that for #TheKingdom, she is the one true queen.

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