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Wonder Woman Official Final Trailer Released

BY David Riley

Published 5 years ago

Wonder Woman Official Final Trailer Released

It’s only a matter of time before we get to see Gal Gadot back in action as she debuts in “Wonder Woman” a few weeks from now. A brand new (final) trailer has just dropped at the “MTV Movie Awards,” and it features more action, dialogue and character reveals.

“Wonder Woman” Overall Trailer Breakdown

Alley Fight. The first scene clip from “Wonder Woman” shows Diana saving Steve Trevor from thugs in a London alley. There’s action and bullet-pinging brawl, and the humor that Steve has just completes the scene’s comedic tone.

The Villains. It’s still a big mystery as to who the official villain will be in “Wonder Woman.” The trailer gives out the name “Dr. Poison” officially, with the marketing avoiding the name all throughout. Dr. Poison is actually one of Diana’s long-time foes, even dating back to 1942. Ares is also one of the baddies of the movie, and it seems like he might be split between two actors, Danny Huston playing Ares’ human form and the CGI version, apprently played by David Thewlis. There’s a lot of scenes involving Huston, but Ares’ true form is only revealed through a quick, passing glimpse.

World War I. War is definitely the basic premise of “Wonder Woman.” In the new trailer, we’re given a glimpse of the extent of the war and where Diana comes in to fight. We see a lot of gunfire and explosion, with “Wonder Woman” standing up to a Flak cannon. We also see why she needs to be in London, with a purpose none other than to help put an end to World War I.

Themyscira. We also get a glimpse of Queen Hippolyta, Diana’s Mother, instructing and teaching the ways of the Amazonians to a young Diana. This is more than what the previous trailers and TV spots have given, and now we see how important the Amazonians are to saving the world. An extended shot of the human soldiers waging war against the Amazonians in the beaches of Themyscira is also shown, which means that there will be bloodshed even before Diana reaches London.

Pre-Justice League. It is also expected for the “Wonder Woman” movie to set things up before “Justice League.” The movie will reportedly show how Diana travels and survives through the futuree timeline post-World Wars. Hopefully some explanation about that photo with Steve Trevor will be shown as well.

The critical reaction to “Wonder Woman’s” marketing has been doing great so far, and everyone is hoping that the reactions to the trailers will be the same as the movie. The DCEU has yet to prove itself worthy of positive public perception, and there is a lot of hope around “Wonder Woman” that it could turn things around.

“Wonder Woman” hits theaters on June 2, 2017. Watch the final trailer below:

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