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Question Your Reality in Latest Trailer for Westworld 4

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Question Your Reality in Latest Trailer for Westworld 4

Raised by Wolves may have been cancelled by HBO Max, but there is still one sci-fi show that seems to be going strong. Just in, we have a new preview for the fourth season of Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan’s Westworld.

Watch this:

It’s still unclear where the series wants to take us with the fourth season, but at this point, I think keeping the audience on its toes has been part of what makes the series so great.

For now, it looks like we’re continuing the story outside of the park and into the ‘real world’, where the humans, much like the hosts from the earlier seasons, have become slaves to an algorithm themselves. We don’t know exactly the results of Caleb and Dolores dismantling Rehoboam, but we did end the last season with the world starting to burn.

Now it looks like the show may be picking up the threads from Season 3. We still see that Caleb is still caught in the plot involving the hosts and Bernard is holding up some familiar iconography with the maze. William, on the other hand, is now at the hands of Charlotte (or Dolores?) and it looks like he’ll be having a taste of his own medicine from the first season.

We don’t know how long Nolan and Joy plan to run Westworld, but the series manages to be one of the consistently smart ones on HBO Max. Admittedly it doesn’t have the mass appeal of Game of Thrones, but the series still manages to dish out high-end content every season.

Westworld returns to HBO Max on June 26.

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