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Rick and Morty Announce Season 6 Return

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Rick and Morty Announce Season 6 Return

The  current season of Rick and Morty has been having a strong run so far, but like Stranger Things before it, the show is going to be taking a break this month with the intention to return in the next few weeks.

Just in, Adult Swim has announced that the sixth season of Rick and Morty will be returning to streaming on November 20th. Here’s the video reveal:

Admittedly, this is the first time that Rick and Morty has used the ‘mid-season break format’. If anything, we’ve actually burned through more than half the season. When the show returns, it only has four episodes left.

We don’t know why the series would decide to take a break now, especially with the show following a weekly release format, but I have a feeling that showrunners Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland want fans to sit on the new episodes we have. After all, they are all pretty high concept, and the series has a pretty rewatchable value.

While some fans think that the best days of Rick and Morty are behind it, I think that the series is stronger than ever, delivering to us outrageous science-fiction concepts with that adult humor irreverence. Harmon has teased that he sees the show going on forever; but I am hoping that the quality maintains at this high standard if they want to keep this ship going.

Rick and Morty 6 returns to HBO Max and Adult Swim on Nov. 20.

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