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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Minisode

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Ashley Forster and ChewbaccaWe’ve got a special (not-so-mini) minisode this week because we need to analyze, talk about, and pick apart Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Shannon and Fadra are joined by Ashley Forster, co-founder of The Star Wars Moms – a female-centric fan community that encourages women to celebrate and explore their love of the Star Wars fandom!

SPOILER ALERT! This episode is intended for those who have seen the movie – we will be discussing it in detail!

5:23 We start out by giving our overall ratings of The Last Jedi.

9:02 The movie starts in space, as all Star Wars movies do. We liked that Poe screwed up and there were consequences. He is flawed, and that is an overall theme of the movie – that everyone is flawed, there is good and bad in everyone. Will this be where the next movie goes?

13:37 Rey is on the island and hands Luke his lightsaber, which he tosses away. Shannon & Ashley loved that scene – when we realize the movie is not going to go the way we thought is was. Fadra hated all of the scenes on the island with Luke & Rey. We agree that the editing is choppy and there were several annoying, unnecessary details.

We discuss how fiercely people protect the original trilogy, but the acting and jokes in those movies were kinda cheesy, too.

Fadra & Shannon were surprised and happy to learn that Yoda was filmed with puppet Yoda!

22:00 Rey learns what happened between Luke & Kylo Ren from two perspectives. This was a great example of how there is light and dark in everyone. We discuss Kylo & Rey’s “force connection,” as well as Snoke – what we think of the characters, the death scene, and Kylo & Rey’s battle.

33:07 Is it OK that they don’t tell us who Snoke is and who Rey’s parents are? It’s still possible they will explain more in the next movie.  Do we think that Kylo is lying to Rey about her parents? Will they carry through the theme that “everybody is nobody” and all that matters is what’s inside you?

38:07 Did we like Finn and Rose? Ashley, Fadra & Shannon talk about these characters. We liked Rose and what she taught Finn, but hated that she kissed Finn – that was completely unnecessary. But overall, this was our least favorite plot line in the movie.

41:53 And how about Captain Phasma and Vice Admiral Holdo? Shannon wanted to see more of Captain Phasma and Ashley & Fadra wanted to see her face at the end, but she ended up being an expendable nobody.  And Holdo? None of us really liked Laura Dern in this role, but the character was good and her hair was cute.

46:27 Luke comes to the rescue and fights Kylo Ren. Did you notice the clues that indicated Luke was not really there? Fadra noticed, but Shannon & Ashley missed it on first viewing.

50:26 Discussion of Luke’s death scene. Mark Hamill did not like how Luke was portrayed in this movie. Ashley & Shannon liked Luke’s death scene, which called back to Obi-Wan’s death… he has done his job and was ready to become one with the Force. There was even the twin suns – a call back to Tatooine. It was beautiful.

53:31 But Leia using the Force to propel herself through space was RIDICULOUS. {HARD eye roll}  We were kinda waiting for Leia to die for the whole movie and it was distracting for Ashley.

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May the Force be with you!

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Minisode


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