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Stephen King’s IT Movie: Get Ready To Float With New Teaser Trailer

BY David Riley

Published 6 years ago

Stephen King's IT Movie: Get Ready To Float With New Teaser Trailer

“We all float down here.” So goes one of the scariest lines ever uttered in a Stephen King film. With the trailer for the IT movie released today, pretty sure that fans will definitely bawl eyes out of terror. Those who grew up watching the 1990’s TV movie adaptation might still be scarred to this day. The IT movie created one of the most iconic imageries in pop culture that still reverberates today.

Stephen King’s IT movie remake is one of this year’s highly anticipated R-rated films. It might be too early to find out how good this first installment would be; but judging by the Easter eggs and other elements seen in the trailer, this has got us pretty excited.

It Movie References and Easter Eggs

Faithful to the original material

The recent adaptation of Stephen King’s killer clown film will attempt to distance itself from the familiar themes and circumstances of the original for it to not be a mere echo of the 90’s film. But this current version also recreates scenes in the book like the events set in Derry, the Jackson Street sign and the famous blood-in-the-sink scene with Beverly Marsh. This time, it splashes onto her face rather than overflow from the sink.

Does away with a playful Pennywise

With a rated R censorship, the film is free to experiment on the more gruesome parts of the book. The original movie was heavily censored and intense scenes cut out, this is finally the time for us to see a darker side of Pennywise. Judging by the trailer, he is no longer a colorful Tim Curry clown, but a monstrous abomination straight from hell. Get ready to ignite your phobia with clowns.

It’s full of Stranger Things

The Netflix original series “Stranger Things” set us up for an awesome nostalgia-driven show, gaining hordes of positive reception and critical success. A solid fanbase was established as well. One of the main reasons why “Stranger Things” was a huge hit was because of the Stephen King and Steven Spielberg references, tapping onto the audience’s childhood days.

The trailer draws notable comparisons to “Stranger Things” and with Finn Wolfhard a part of the main cast, it’s hard not to see the ‘strange’ elements. With nostalgia shows hitting the maximum viewer attention span, it might be safe to assume that we’re bound for another revolution of 80’s-inspired films with the It movie.

Flashbacks are evidently absent

One of the most compelling elements of Stephen King’s IT novel is that it spans years until the child characters grow up to be successful professionals in their respective fields. As children, they experience the horrifying events in Derry. As adults, they look back and try to divise a way to put an end to Pennywise’s horrific terrorism. But in this year’s adaptation, the film will be split to two parts, giving us more time to witness how the Loser’s Club goes through every Pennywise event and a proper end to the story when the second part of the IT movie comes out.

“IT” stars Bill Skarsgård (“Allegiant,” TV’s “Hemlock Grove”) as the story’s central villain, Pennywise. An ensemble of young actors also star in the film, including Jaeden Lieberher (“Midnight Special”), Jeremy Ray Taylor (“Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip”), Sophia Lillis (“37”), Finn Wolfhard (TV’s “Stranger Things”), Wyatt Oleff (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), Chosen Jacobs (upcoming “Cops and Robbers”), Jack Dylan Grazer (“Tales of Halloween”) and Nicholas Hamilton (“Captain Fantastic”).

Andrés Muschietti is directing “IT” from a screenplay adapted by Chase Palmer & Cary Fukunaga and Gary Dauberman.

“It” hits theaters on September 8, 2017. Watch and float with the trailer below:

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