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What’s a Stinger? Stinger Entertainment Podcast

BY Shannon Entin

Published 5 years ago

What's a Stinger? Stinger Entertainment Podcast

In this episode, Shannon and Fadra introduce you to Stinger: The Entertainment Podcast. Here are the highlights.


Fadra: One night at a party that definitely involved wine, Shannon and I talked about our love for all things entertainment and of course, our desire to be in the spotlight.

And so was born this idea that we needed an Access Hollywood or an Entertainment Weekly FOR THE PEOPLE.

Shannon: Let’s face it. Sometimes your friends and co-workers don’t understand your movie or TV obsession … where you just want someone – anyone – to share your binge-watching addiction …

We’re here for you.

Fadra: Wait, so we still haven’t talked about what a stinger is or what that has to do with entertainment?

Shannon: Oh yeah. Well, you know how you watch a really awesome movie and the credits start rolling and you wonder (or maybe you research) if there will be a bonus scene at the end?

Fadra: THAT’S a Stinger. It’s all that great stuff that happens at the end of the credits when the rest of the shmucks have left the theater because they’re not dedicated like we are.

Shannon: So the Stinger entertainment podcast is all the great conversations that happen between two opinionated fangirls who can’t stop obsessing over new trailers, key story lines, reboots, actors, conventions, Netflix and anything entertainment.

Fadra: But it’s not just the latest buzz. We’re also going old school to reminisce (and dare I say SNARK) on all the new and old tv and movies.

Shannon: And, hey, we want you to join in too! That’s why we’ve got all sorts of ways to connect with us and add to the conversation.

We are StingerPodcast everywhere! We want you to join the conversation on Facebook — we’ve got a page and also our awesome discussion group! We’re also on Twitter and Instagram at StingerPodcast.

Twice a month, Shannon and Fadra will be discussing what’s new and streaming, movies they love, celebrity buzz, superfans, and a deep dive into a mystery topic every episode.

Entertainment Q & A

Who is the one person that you will always tune in for? When you hear they are going to be in a movie or TV show, you’re sold?

Shannon: I will watch anything that Dawyne “The Rock” Johnson is in.
Fadra: I love Kate Winslet. But my favorite Kate is when she’s doing her British accent.

Who would play you in the story of your life?

Fadra: Tina Fey. I have not picked this, I’ve been told that this is the person who would play me and I honestly think it’s a huge compliment.
Shannon: I’ve been told many times in my life that I look like Marilu Henner from Taxi, but I always think of Julia Roberts to play me in a movie.

Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Shannon: I’ve always loved Wonder Woman, but I’m going with Jessica Jones. I just finished watching this on Netflix. She’s a good person and wants to help people, but can’t handle the responsibility.
Fadra: I’ve always loved Spider-Man, and I’ve always loved Ice Man. Is he even a real superhero? We can save that conversation for another episode.

What movie scarred you for life?

Fadra: Jaws. I used to think a shark lived in my swimming pool. Also The Day After. It was about nuclear war. If you combined those two? Oh boy.
Shannon: Nightmare on Elm Street. The whole idea that you’d go to sleep and Freddy would be able to kill you – I was terrified to sleep.

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What’s a Stinger? Stinger Entertainment Podcast


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