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THE BLACKLIST Scoop: Episode 150 Sets the Tone For a Dark Seventh Season Finale

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 4 years ago

THE BLACKLIST Scoop: Episode 150 Sets the Tone For a Dark Seventh Season Finale

With the seventh season finale of NBC’s The Blacklist just two episodes away, many fans are wondering how this year’s Katarina Rostova vs Liz’s ultimate loyalty storyline will ultimately play out.

These concerns seem more valid in the light of a well publicised Coronavirus production shutdown that has limited the total number of episodes to 19 this season, and has resulted in a finale that will have to combine both live action and graphic novel style animation in order to get its current story arc across the finish line.

The Blacklist is well known for spinning numerous storyline threads that have a tendency to come together in the episodes preceding the finale, and whether you loved her or loathed her, Katarina Rostova, and Liz’s allegiance to the woman she assumes is her mother, should take center stage by the season’s end. But will it?

Friday’s “Roy Cain” (this season’s penultimate episode), works hard to put all those pieces in place for May 15th’s final episode. In fact the hour ends on such a dark note, the recently released graphic novel images style from the finale seem especially fitting.

Friday’s episode will see Red picking up the pieces of the investigation of Dembe’s abducted Imam, while Liz and Agent Park find themselves biting off more than they can chew during a routine investigation. Meanwhile, Red is in pensive mood following his (and our!) health scare a couple of weeks back.

Read on for some specific scoop on Friday’s episode. 

As always, we promise to abide by the network’s request not to reveal major plot points or character developments that would spoil your enjoyment of the live episodes. However, Scoop and Spoiler articles from our magazine do dip a toe in spoilery waters, so please proceed with caution. (Read more about our Spoiler Policy here, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

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Billions of Assets!

While we’re still trying to get a handle on the nature of Red’s illness (MRI’s! CT scans!), Red, in typical form will spend the hour reassuring those nearest and dearest to him, namely Liz and Dembe, about his overall health and wellbeing.

“Wine is dehydrating,” he explains to an unconvinced Dembe as a means to explain his recent face plant onto the floor.

However, plans for the gifting of Red’s “billions of assets” in the event of his demise are underfoot, and a successor of sorts has already been chosen. 

However the future recipient has other ideas.

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