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‘The Fix’ Season 1, Episode 6 ‘The Fugitive’ Recap: Getaway

BY Daniel Rayner

Published 4 years ago

'The Fix' Season 1, Episode 6 'The Fugitive' Recap: Getaway

The District Attorney’s Office finds and apprehends the mole, at least in someone’s point of view. Now in The Fix, a new player enters the game. As one’s attempt to flee gets all the media’s attention, the District Attorneys find a way to reach the suspect faster. However, an unexpected turn of events changes the look on the case. With this new player barging in, both the prosecution and the defense wonder where things would go from there.

On Monday night’s episode of The Fix, Severen ‘Sevvy’ Johnson’s (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) attempt to leave the country fail but luckily works in his favor. After this, the bail hearing for Sevvy’s case commences. However, Maya Traviss (Robin Tunney) and her colleagues fail to stop Sevvy from posting bail. Also, River ‘Riv’ Allgood (Marc Blucas) and CJ Emerson (Merrin Dungey) figures out what to do with Maya’s stalker.

Cold Hearted

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Skye P. Marshall in The Fix Season 1 Episode 6


Thanks to Angela Ashley (Skye P. Marshall), Sevvy’s attempt to leave the country looked less like an attempt to flee. Angela followed Sevvy’s case closely and thought that she could help him win. After releasing a statement to the media, telling them that Sevvy went to Atlanta to pick her up, Angela wanted in on the case, so Ezra Wolf (Scott Cohen) begrudgingly agrees.

Wolf did not take it easy on Angela, but she did not let that get to her. After all, everything to her seemed like nothing personal, only work. At the hearing for Sevvy’s bail, Wolf does not let Angela talk. Maya and the District Attorneys won the first round. Unexpectedly, when the second hearing commences, Wolf makes a shocking accusation that works in their favor: he accuses Julianne Johnson (Robin Givens) of the murder instead. Wolf got off at a terrible starting point, but Angela steps in, solidifying his argument. Because of this, Judge Sandra Song sets bail to five million dollars.

As soon as Sevvy comes home, Julianne confronts Sevvy for the accusation against him. Despite having a respected NBA player pay for Sevvy’s bail, he does not stop Wolf from throwing bad things about her. Their argument continues but does not end productively. Angela, on the other hand, now heads the case, thanks to her assist in the second bail hearing.

Not in The Game

Adam Rayner and Robin Tunney in The Fix Season 1 Episode 6


Maya and Matthew Collier (Adam Rayner) both equally thought that they could keep Sevvy behind bars up until the trial. Unfortunately, their overconfidence becomes their downfall. Worsened by their victory in the first hearing, Maya and Matthew watch as Judge Song made the final decision on Sevvy’s bail. Not even Gabriel Johnson’s (Alex Saxon) presence on the prosecution’s side helped. Also, the two attorneys were not precisely focused on the case, despite how invested they are in its details. Matthew recently dealt with Alan Wiest (Breckin Meyer) finding out the truth about the mole in their office. Maya, on the other hand, was mad at Riv for reporting her stalker to the police but starts to worry when she and Riv find that the presents the stalker left are gone. On top of that, Matthew attempts to kiss her while they drank liquor after the second hearing. If this keeps up, it is likely that they may lose the case again.

Keeping the Home Safe

Erik Palladino in The Fix Season 1 Episode 6


After the second hearing, Riv met with CJ to figure out their next move. CJ was equally surprised to find out that the stalker took the previous gifts, but quickly figures out what happened. The stalker must have placed a listening device in the house, hence the almost immediate return of his creepy presents immediately after Maya’s return to the house. Because of this, Riv and CJ try to find the device. When they do, Riv angrily exclaims that the stalker’s games are over. On the other side of the line, the stalker, Leo Foster (Erik Palladino), the sheriff assigned to the District Attorney’s Office listens.

Vengeful Sister

Molly C. Quinn in The Fix Season 1 Episode 6


Lindsay Meyer (Molly C. Quinn) is the only Meyer who attended by both hearings. None of the other family members wished to participate in, given that Sevvy will be there. The decision to place Sevvy’s bail at five million dollars shocks Lindsay. Because of this, Lindsay decides to visit Sevvy during the wee hours of the night. Catching Sevvy off guard, Lindsay stood with Sevvy at gunpoint.

‘The Fix’ Season 1, Episode 6 ‘The Fugitive’ Final Verdict

The episode shows how lawyers would go ridiculous lengths to defend a guilty client. Also, it profoundly reflects how a lawyer’s profession is not easy. One would bend the law and the truth as much as they can so long as it works in their favor. Indeed, the world of courts and judges is a dangerous place. It does not matter where you are, and danger always seems to find you.

The Fix continues Monday, April 29th with ‘Ghost Whisperer’ at 10/9c on ABC.

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