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TV REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Could We Start Again, Please?” Shows Something’s Up with Derek

BY Lisa Casas

Published 7 years ago

Last week showed us Mer/Der just where we like them — happy, in love, in the shower. They even missed the big dinner with new sis Maggie because they were too busy getting busy. So where will the latest installment take us? The Shepherds back on track? Maggie done trying with her sister? Arizona and Callie still broken up as Robbins learns Dr. Herman’s ninja ways? Oh, nothing can ever be that simple on Grey’s. This one shocks us not with a surprising character death, or a knock down drag out, but in a subtle way no less tragic and sad.


Arizona’s Big Secret

“Could We Start Again, Please?” opens with a grainy flashback of young Derek and young Amelia in a convenience store; we’re not sure what’s going on but Derek’s hand covers Amelia’s mouth.

We flash to the present and Dr. Herman asking Arizona impatiently, “Well, did you decide?” Last week she gave Robbins the ultimatum – don’t tell anyone about my terminal illness and you get to learn my mad doctor skills. Arizona says she needs to know more, but Dr. Meany says nope, my tumor, my secret. You get to know my vast medical knowledge, so make up your mind. Arizona doesn’t answer; Herman cancels all her surgeries and leaves.

A fetal surgery is needed now by one of Herman’s patients, but Arizona can’t find her mentor. Call after call unanswered. She decides Karev and she will deliver the preemie who’s only at 28 weeks. The surgery goes okay at first with the baby being delivered alive but needing some Karev care. The mom crashes, bleeding to death while Arizona is assisting Alex with the baby.

Now, the sad task of telling dad the good and terrible news. Your baby’s alive, but your wife is dead. As Alex and Arizona make their way to dad, they see Dr. Herman already in with him. They arrive in time to hear her say that Dr. Robbins did everything she could and is practically a hero for saving the baby.

Arizona decides to keep Herman’s secret and to learn all of her doc ninja ways. She says if there was a chance she could’ve saved the mom, she needs to learn it.



(ABC/Adam Taylor)


Bad Derek

The big case of the night is an elderly man who won’t let go of his wife who’s lying dead on top of him. He refuses, tragically crying and say, “No, no, no.” Meredith tells him to let her go, Maggie pipes in too. Finally, he does.

Amelia is treating the couple when their daughter comes in and freaks out, recognizing the doc from recovery meetings. She yells out that this woman cannot treat her parents, she’s a druggie! She yells practically all of Amelia’s sins.

Girl Shepherd is distraught, confiding in Webber who encourages her to “do your job. As soon as you can get to a meeting.”

Derek remains silent when Owen asks if Amelia’s the best person for the head of neurosurgery. Owen says “enough said.” He calls an emergency board meeting about Amelia. Derek admits to sis that he’s the one caused all this. He seems to want his old job back. He feels guilty and tells the board he was wrong, he didn’t protect her because wanted her job.

We see another flashback with young Derek and Amelia in a convenience store witnessing a robbery and the brutal killing of their father.


Bad Bailey

Jo gets to perform a solo surgery and it goes smoothly. But after she starts to wonder if she forgot an important part, a really important part. Bailey is furious and teaches the intern a lesson. She lets her believe for a minute that the lady died. Then she tells her that she watched Jo do every step of the surgery. Quit second guessing yourself, Wilson.



(ABC/Adam Taylor)

Could We Start Again, Please?

Maggie confronts Meredith about the dinner debacle admitting that she was looking forward to it, to interacting with others. She fears she may be turning into a cat person. Meredith asks, “Are you busy tonight?”

Karev and Callie join the Grey sisters at Ellis’ old house/Alex’s house. Maggie gets to hear about the twisted lives our favorite docs live with everyone doing everyone. Arizona shows up asking Alex for a place to stay. He says sure with Jo looking less than pleased.

Derek talks to Amelia, apologizing. He says he doesn’t even know who he is anymore. He tries to make the right choices and he’s miserable all the time. All he does is hurt people. He can’t get control of it. I don’t know what to do anymore. Amelia says, “I know how you feel. We call it rock bottom.” She walks off. Not exactly the brother sister comforting I thought was coming.

So Derek came clean revealing his depression, his rock bottomness, leaving the viewer surprised. We all thought he was about to get his groove back as he helped Meredith get her groove back in the shower. It looks like we’ve got some episodes of Derek sadness coming.

Worse than that is the sadness coming next week. The promo shows that something may be wrong with April and Jackson’s baby. It’s the Fall finale, so you know those Grey’s writers are cooking something big. Let’s just hope it’s not a tragic baby storyline. April’s heart can’t take it. Neither can ours.

 Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC at 8 pm.

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