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TV REVIEW: The Originals Season 2 Episode 14 “I Love You, Goodbye”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 9 years ago

TV REVIEW: The Originals Season 2 Episode 14 “I Love You, Goodbye”

By Erin Resnick

There’s nothing that spells out love better than a wedding. Fancy dresses, lots of food, tons of alcohol stocked behind the open bar; I would say there’s no better celebration. Especially when that wedding entails a unification of an entire pack of wolves and an entire guest list that looks like they walked straight off the New York Fashion Week runway. Not only did this week’s episode of The Originals, entitled “I Love You, Goodbye,” bring us tears of joy, breakups and makeups, but it also saddled us with another devastating death.

Elijah was looking pretty darn good for just blowing himself up when he came to Cami and Hope’s aid after the house explosion. At the compound, Hayley argued with Klaus over the safety of their child and her place in their lives, as Hayley was about to walk down the aisle and become Queen of an entire powerful pack of wolves.

Although Kol and Klaus had cemented their bonds as brother, Kol was still desperate to finish the dagger that would work against Klaus, especially since he could feel his time slowly ticking away. The two were successful, even sharing a kiss in celebration, but Kol’s desires to actually use the weapon were unclear. He even put a call into Rebekah to come and help try to save his life.

Klaus had decided to visit Jackson in the bayou to deliver his wedding gift: a bag of severed heads belonging to the wolves that didn’t pledge their allegiance to Jackson’s pack. He also took it upon himself to change the venue for the wedding to his very own compound, assuring he would have some control over the nuptials.

Finn’s body had very quickly made its way to a morgue, with Freya showing up to help revive her older brother. Her magic was stronger than any other witches as she was successful at bringing the eldest Mikaelson back to life with her magical pendant.

Rebekah was eager to share one of her many wedding dresses with Hayley. Although she was marrying a bayou wolf, her strongest bond would always be with the Mikaelson family.

Josh and Aiden had finally reunited, but their time was spent arguing over the future of their relationship. Aiden was nervous to continue, especially with the wolves about to rise to power. It seemed the two were headed for a breakup. Josh and Aiden weren’t the only ones in trouble, as Hayley, looking stunning in her wedding gown, happily reunited with her daughter only for Elijah to step in to confess his feelings. Hayley stopped him, not wanting the conversation to continue. Her mind was made up. Although she loved Elijah, her marriage and bond with Jackson was undeniable. Elijah’s single tear spoke the rest.

Hayley popped in to reveal herself to Jackson. Their marriage was unconventional already, no need for old rules. Jackson even presented Hayley with a beautiful necklace, which she was grateful to receive.

Aiden heeded Jackson’s advice to continue to fight for Josh as he sat in between him and Davina, no words needed as he apologized by holding Josh’s hand.

Hayley and Jackson both made it down the aisle without any bloodshed. In the supernatural world of New Orleans it was a successful wedding and the two unified their powers, bestowing Hayley’s hybrid powers onto the Crescent wolves of Louisiana.

Klaus and Elijah stood idly by, but it wasn’t until the final vowels were said that Klaus make his ultimate plan known to Elijah; Jackson was not one of them and his reign would not last long. Elijah was furious with his brother’s plans. If Hayley was happy then they needed to step back and let her live her life, even if that meant a new person, father figure, introduced into Hope’s life. Elijah stood his ground, voicing the truth that Klaus had been hiding deep inside; maybe Jackson was going to be a better father than Klaus.

Klaus took his brothers words and made a drastic move as he introduced Hope to the entire wedding party. Everyone was stunned, especially Hayley. Things only grew even more complicated when Klaus openly invited both Hayley and Jackson to come and live at the compound. Elijah knew he would only crowd the impending situation and revealed that he was going to move out to help Marcel build and strengthen his vampire community.

Hayley and Jackson spent a moment finally as a married couple and she promised Jackson that she married him for herself; it wasn’t about the wolves or their powers. She was happy with her decision and the two shared a sweet kiss to seal their union.

Though Kol and Davina didn’t get the chance to share a dance at the wedding, they did get one last moment together at the cemetery. Kol could feel his last moments were upon him and he wanted to spend it with Davina. As their dance concluded he thought he would just spend his dying breath alone as not to upset Davina, but Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah were not going to watch their brother die (again) without his family present.

Kol was able to share his time with his family, all he had ever really wanted and Rebekah promised to not give up on bringing him back. He was going to die a witch; his body would be consecrated in New Orleans, meaning his soul could live on. It was a heartbreaking moment as Kol said his last goodbyes.

Back at the morgue, Freya was sure that Dahlia was just around the corner. It was only a matter of time before she came for baby Hope.


Things we need to discuss:

– Will Kol’s death stick? Although Rebekah promised to bring him back, how will she do it and whose body will he return in?

– Freya really needs to rethink he allegiances.

– What kind of intentions does Klaus have for Jackson and Hayley? Will he grant Elijah’s wishes and leave them alone, accepting Jackson, or will he keep Jackson close until the moment is right and make his move? Given his own daughter is involved I believe he is aiming for the “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” angle. Jackson should be wary.

– There’s nothing better than Josh and Aiden staying together.

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