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THIS IS US: Family Discord and Broken Promises in “The Big Three”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 5 years ago

The unique and heart-warming This is Us continues tonight with episode 2, "The Big Three" as we step into key moments of the Pearson family, both past and present.

Although you may have cried (joyful?) tears at the end of the series premiere last week when you discovered just what the connection linking these characters actually was, tonight's episode will place our family in far less happy circumstances as we delve further into their histories and see the events that helped shape them, for better ... and for worse.

And if you're hoping for another end-of-episode twist, you're in luck. The show ends on a WTF? note that left this reviewer blinking at the screen in deep surprise.

Read on for some exclusive scoop from tonight's episode. (We're staying mum on that ending though.)


If you haven’t already, you may just walk away after tonight’s episode with a new favorite character in Randall Pearson.

“The Big Three,” which you may have already guessed based on the title, is an episode that explores the Pearson siblings, Kevin, Kate and Randall, in more detail.

However it’s the complex Randall who gets the most love this week as we discover what it was like for him growing up as an adoptee in an all white household. If you’re  wondering if the show will gloss over the race issue, you may be interested to know it won’t. In fact, race will play a key role in episode 4 as well.

This week, Randall is still running on adrenaline and buzzing with a multitude of emotions regarding his biological father William. However his wife Beth has seen her husband behave like this in the past, and knows just how potentially damaging to his health his own desire to ‘make everything right’ can be.

In the following sneak peek clip Beth voices her concerns about William for the first time.

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