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Eddie Brock Embraces The Parasite Within in New ‘Venom’ Trailer

BY Stephanie Larson

Published 5 years ago

Eddie Brock Embraces The Parasite Within in New 'Venom' Trailer

Sony has just dropped the second trailer for Venom, and this toothy anti-hero is definitely pulling everyone to the edge of their seats. Not only does it give us a glimpse of a big, black, rubbery alien but, an extensive insight into the character of Venom. Added to that is the release of a new international poster that looks straight out of a grown man’s nightmare.

The first trailer of Ruben Fleischer’s Venom has more of Eddie Brock’s (Tom Hardy) backstory on how he becomes the anti-hero. It’s in this second trailer that we glimpse Brock and the character establish the relationship that makes them into the popular Spider-Man villain. Though it was push and pull at first with the alien symbiote actively pursuing Brock’s surrender and Eddie struggling to stop him from hurting people, it ultimately ends with them addressing themselves as one.

Symbiote Family Face Off In Venom

In addition to that, we get a fuller glimpse of the general storyline. As revealed in the first trailer, the character’s backstory completely changes in this film. Instead of hopping from Spider-Man to Brock in a church, the alien symbiote attaches itself to Brock. It happens after the reporter breaks into the Life Foundation run by Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake who found the symbiotes. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this film is heavily based on the 1993 comic mini-series Venom: Lethal Protector rather than revolving around the Spider-Man angle.

The trailer also clears up who Venom will be facing off against. Eager fans speculated that Carnage, a symbiote serial killer, will be the main villain of this film. However, the trailer shows a grayish symbiote wielding weapons made from its own body. And in the comic book world, these are the features of the symbiote Riot rather than Carnage. In the last minute, we were treated to a slow-mo tear-off between Brock as Venom and Drake as Riot.

As seen scattered on the trailer, Riot may not be the only symbiote we’ll be seeing any time soon. We glimpsed a deranged woman, an unwilling patient, and another symbiote in a flask. These all point to the other symbiotes that are yet to be fully presented. It seems like Venom has a very long future ahead.

In addition to Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed, the film will also be starring Michelle Williams as Brocks’ wife, Anne Weying. In the comics, she actually becomes She-Venom later on. We might also see a glimpse of Carnage though it is still only a rumor. No matter, though, because hearing and seeing a half-Brock half-Venom face saying the words “We are Venom” before chomping on a robber is enough to set everyone’s anti-hero high up over the roof.

Venom hits theatres October 5.

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