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Cars 3 Trailer Released: Lightning McQueen’s Dramatic Crash

BY Louie Anne Matthews

Published 5 years ago

Cars 3 Trailer Released: Lightning McQueen's Dramatic Crash

Pixar’s “Cars 3” trailer has been released and it will be a darker storyline compared to its two predecessors. The trailer focuses on a major turning point in Lightning McQueen’s (Owen Wilson) life after a dramatic crash. It looks like “Cars 3” will be an emotional ride stirring away from a fun and happy theme that Cars 2 offered with its globetrotting spy plot.

Cars 3 Lightning Vs. Storm

“Cars 3” will bring back its focus on McQueen, whose competitive racing days may be coming to an end. As a new car drives into the scene, Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) the new hotshot breaking racing records. Storm is a newer and younger car with better tricks compared to McQueen which gives him an advantage on the tracks. Everyone begins to wonder if McQueen should retire, though he isn’t quick to throw in the towel.

With help from an enthusiastic car engineer named Cruz Ramirez (Critela Alonzo), McQueen is going to learn some new tricks as he attempts a comeback in Florida 500.

Cars 3 Returns To Its Racing Roots

The trailer opens with McQueen becoming what he has always dreamt of being, a successful racer.  McQueen has made a name for himself but it’s clear that his racing days would have to end. Add in a dramatic transition to a race gone wrong with McQueen crashing in the middle of the tracks.

“Cars 3” is gearing up to be a more dramatic storyline with McQueen trying to return to his former glory. With help from a few familiar faces, Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), Sally (Bonnie Hunt), and Ramone (Cheech Marin).

Compared to Cars 2, which backtracked from the racing theme of the franchise “Cars 3” is a little more similar to Cars 1.  It would be focusing on the racing aspect of the franchise. Cars 1 focused on McQueen as an egotistical rookie turning to a humble racer.

While “Cars 3” focuses on legacy and failure as McQueen tries to ramp up his game to compete with Storm.

“Cars 3” makes its way to theaters June 16, 2017. Watch the trailer below.

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