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Watch Extended Promo for Rick and Morty Season 6

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Watch Extended Promo for Rick and Morty Season 6

This September will see the return of Rick and Morty, and while we don’t have a full trailer yet, Adult Swim has dropped an extended promo. Check this out:

While the show has been pretty non-canonical throughout its run, the last season had a pretty major upheaval of the status quo for the show—what with Evil Morty destroying the Citadel of Ricks as well as the pocket multiverse where Rick is considered the ultimate being.

This essentially opens up the show for Rick to come up against challenges that are above him—which is kind of the same Rick that we meet in the earlier seasons. We don’t really know how we got to this point where Rick becomes an unstoppable god, but it has certainly been interesting watching Rick grapple with his ego and his relationship to his family.

We don’t really know what to expect with this next season of the series, but the show has never been short of great, conceptual episodes. I mean, every now and then we get some weird, middling episodes, but even Claw and Hoarder has some great meme-worthy moments.

With a release set for September, it’s very likely we could get a full trailer for Season 6 soon. My guess is it will drop sometime in the middle of August, enough time to hype up the release early next month.

Rick and Morty Season 6 premieres this Sept. 4 on Adult Swim.

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