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Watch the New Opening Sequence for Rick and Morty 6

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Watch the New Opening Sequence for Rick and Morty 6

Rick and Morty Season 6 just premiered, and with every new season of the show comes a new batch of snippets featuring the Smith family.

Just in, Adult Swim has released the intro for the sixth season:

I’ll have to admit, with the length that the show has been running, you’d think they would overhaul the entire introduction, but the series still has the classic opening with Morty being attacked by the alien frogs, and Rick driving the car away form a Cthulhu monster by the end.

Looking back at previous seasons, the intro always includes some clips from the actual show, but there are also moments that are created specifically just for the intro. We don’t know exactly what parts of the intro will be in this season, but it’s always a fun guessing game for the audience. I mean, all of the clips look crazy, and it would be fun if we could get some context for some. What is up with that Rick parade and Space Beth holding the balloon?

While some fans have turned their back on the franchise, I think Rick and Morty is still a pretty solid show. The series has a very unique meta-humor that’s very unique to co-creator Dan Harmon, and you just have to love Justin Roiland’s brand of comedy as well. Let’s hope they make the promise of making one season a year.

Catch Rick and Morty Season 6 every Sunday on HBO Max.

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