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Who is Zoom? Our Top 5 Theories

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

Who is Zoom? Our Top 5 Theories

By Pauline Perenack

Anyone familiar with The Flash comic books knows the origins of the comic book character Zoom.

Hunter Zolomon, a profiler with the police, worked closely with the then-Flash, Wally West, ultimately becoming good friends with him. However after being injured in an attack, Zolomon was left paralyzed from the waist down. He asked for West’s help in reversing his fortunes by time-traveling into the past and preventing the attack. West, afraid of damaging the timeline, refused, and Zolomon tried to time-travel on his own, which not only gave him his legs back, but also displaced him from the present timeline. This allowed him to control his speed, basically giving him superspeed, and becoming Zoom – a bitter enemy of West.

However, in our televised version, Zoom is a mysterious character, and theories are running wild as to who is actually behind the mask, because as we know, TV world doesn’t always line up with comic book world. Here are some theories as to who Zoom’s alter-ego might turn out to be.

Hunter Zolomon – The Evils Twin(s) Theory

Admittedly, if the show stuck to comic canon, it would make complete sense for Hunter to be Zoom. But the televised series has already changed comic canon, so it could very well do that with the identity of Zoom as well. That being said, we can’t write off Hunter as Zoom. After last week’s episode, it could be argued that the man in the mask is Jay Garrick from E1 since he communicated the name, Jay. This would also explain why there is no Jay on E1, even though everyone has a doppelganger on both planets with the same name, and all they could find on E1 was a man named Hunter. What if the man in the park Jay Garrick pointed out to Caitlin wasn’t in fact his E1 doppelgänger, but a twin? This could create the potential for two Garricks on each Earth.

Evil twin(s) theory anyone?


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