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5 Things to Know About Castle’s “That 70’s Show”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

5 Things to Know About Castle's

Castle’s April 21 installment “That 70’s Show” is a fun, camp, sometimes sentimental and surprisingly romantic look at the last days of Disco.

The action centres around the discovery of the body of a notorious New York mobster (think Jimmy Hoffa) whose disappearance in the late 1970’s became the stuff of legend.

Who shot Vince Bianchi? Castle and Beckett’s only lead is one Harold Leone (Jon Polito), a mentally unstable former lieutenant of Bianchi, whose memories of that fateful night are clouded by his permanent state of ‘pathological grieving.’

The upshot? Harold may know what really happened to Bianchi, but only if nothing upsets his fragile belief that it’s still 1978, hair is big, clothes are loud and the disco balls are spinning.

It’s a set up for a solid hour of disco fun with larger than life characters, costume changes galore, our favorite characters playing at being actors (badly) and a reveal that a modern audience can get behind.

We’re just fresh off an advance screening of the episode and have 5 teasers to share which won’t outright spoil you (promise!) but will set the tone for April 21.

Check it out below.


 A Little Project, They Said

Oh dear! It looks like Rick and Kate are regretting asking Martha to handle the flower arrangements for their wedding. With each of her ideas grander and more horrific than the last, the happy couple decides that she needs a “little project” outside of their nuptials to keep her busy.

However, Martha’s larger than life vision may just help solve the greatest mystery of the disco era. Keep thinking big, Martha!


To 70’s TV … With Love

Let’s be honest. This episode is really a love letter to 70’s TV. Look out for Kojak and his lollipop, Pam Grier’s Foxy Brown and  Ryan and Esposito’s Snooki (Snuckie? We’re not altogether sure of the 70’s spelling on this one) and Ray – Castle’s version of Starsky and Hutch. FYI, we would totally watch this spin-off series. Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever are hilarious as Esposito and Ryan as Snooki and Ray.


Captain Castle

Rick and Kate’s number one suspect would never buy that a woman, even one as tough, smart and independent as Beckett could possibly be in a position of power, and it takes a lot of resolve for Kate not to react to Harold’s terms of endearment, ‘cupcake’ being the least offensive in his repertoire. However when Harold infers that Rick is ‘Captain Castle’ it may just prove one straw too many.


Take a Bow, Precinct

The star of the show is the precinct itself, which undergoes a complete retrofit transformation when the case necessitates that Harold should come down and make a statement. Why can’t he do it from the comfort of his 70’s-themed home? Who cares! Just check out those typewriters and rotary phones and the muted brown and grey decor and that cast of thousands … wait! What? Yes that’s right. It seems the precinct isn’t 70’s enough without a cast of actors taken straight from an episode of The Rockford FilesKojak or The Rookies. Prepare to hear a lot of people calling each other “pig” and “fuzz” and getting both mixed up while doing it. And catch Stana Katic’s Beckett in a delightful comedy moment playing the role of a 70’s cop and getting the lines in her script wrong.


A modern Twist

The heart of this episode may be beating in the 1970’s but the twist (Who shot Vince Bianchi?) is one that would almost certainly never have played out on 1970’s TV. Prepare for a touchingly romantic reveal, viewers!

Castle’s “That 70’s Show” airs Monday April 21 on the ABC Television Network.

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