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5 Things to Know About BONES Mid-Season Double-Header

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 9 years ago

5 Things to Know About BONES Mid-Season Double-Header

On Thursday Bones will roll out two back to back episodes to mark the show’s mid-season finale, and final episodes of 2015.

“The Cowboy in the Contest” and “The Doom in the Boom,” are, with the exception of a couple of plot points, mostly unrelated, and serve (unintentionally or not) to starkly juxtapose the show’s trademark humor with some more dramatic and emotional beats.

“The Cowboy in the Contest” sees Booth and Brennan re-immersing themselves in their Buck and Wanda personas as they go undercover at a Wild West shooting contest in order to oust a murderer.

Keep your tongues planted firmly in your cheeks for this one, as Wild Card Wanda and Big River Buck attempt to out-shoot, out-flirt and out-wit each other before the competition ends.

Meanwhile, “The Doom in the Boom” (an aptly titled episode made of some really juicy finale material) offers some strong emotional scenes as tragedy at a murder scene irrevocably alters the course of one character’s life, while leaving another’s hanging in the balance.

We’ve seen both installments a little early, thanks to our friends at FOX and suggest that for the first hour, fans should kick back and relax with Buck and Wanda, because things are about to get a little rough over that second hour, and you’ll be glad you paced yourself.

Below, you’ll find a small handful of teasers for both episodes. We’ve attempted to avoid outright spoilers and plot points that might otherwise ruin your enjoyment of those final two episodes of the year. As usual though, we urge readers to take caution, especially those spoilerphobes among you, as one man’s perfectly innocent teaser is another man’s outrageous reveal.

Risky Business

Although directly unrelated, both mid-season finale episodes court the theme of risk-taking.

However in “The Cowboy in the Contest” the idea is played for fun, as Brennan uncovers Booth’s secret desire to buy a motorcycle.

“I find a lot of his behavior strange these days,” a puzzled Brennan remarks to Angela.

Angela’s solution? That Booth — and Brennan — are bored by their routine and need to get out there to have some fun. And what better way to do that as Buck and Wanda?

“I’m behaving in a non-routine manner,” Brennan will later explain to a mildly confused Booth, as she attempts to shake things up between them.

Yeah, we’re pretty sure Brennan is still not going to allow Booth to buy that motorbike though.

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