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6 Things to Know About BONES “The Resurrection in the Remains”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago

6 Things to Know About BONES

Get ready for a Halloween Spooktacular (sorry) with Bones' "The Resurrection in the Remains" on Oct. 29.

This fun and intriguing installment offers a double murder mystery, some Halloween pranks, a 200 year old mystery, and a guest appearance by Sleepy Hollow's Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie as the duo come to the Jeffersonian to claim to claim a headless body already under investigation by Brennan and her team.

Together the foursome must figure out how to work together in order to discover who the 200-year-old headless corpse is, and how it is linked to a contemporary murder victim.

We've seen the episode a little early (in addition to David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel's follow up guest appearance on Sleepy Hollow's "Dead Men Tell No Tales") thanks to our friends over at FOX, and have 6 Halloween teasers to share with you.

If you’re a regular reader of these types of articles here at ScreenSpy, then you’ll know we do our best to avoid spoiling major developments and plot lines that might otherwise ruin your enjoyment of the episode (we want you to enjoy it as much as we did).

For that reason, we consider the following carefully structured and worded points to be teasers rather than outright spoilers.

However, as always, we urge you to be cautious, as one man’s teaser is another man’s spoiler.

Here then are 6 things you might like to know about Bones’ upcoming “The Resurrection in the Remains."

Double Murder

With twice the number of partnerships this week, it’s no surprise to learn that there are two murders to investigate.

The first is that of a young medical student with a secure and bright future ahead of her. Why was her body found next to the 234 year old remains of a British Redcoat in an abandoned church? Who killed her, and what was her connection to the occult?

And could the second body really be that of Abraham Von Brunt, aka Sleepy Hollow’s iconic Headless Horseman? He certainly appears to fit the description, but where is his head? And why does it appear to have been separated from his body more recently than expected?

The answers to both cases will bring their share of surprises. Take nothing for granted.

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