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7 Things to Know about Bones Season 10 Episode 2 “The Lance to the Heart”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 10 years ago

7 Things to Know about Bones Season 10 Episode 2

Before Sweets’ murder, before Booth’s incarceration, even before last season’s dramatic finale, there was an unsolved mystery at the heart of the FBI, stretching back to the time of J Edgar Hoover.

Scratching the surface of that mystery revealed a conspiracy of blackmail, lies and murder that ultimately claimed the life of one of the Jeffersonian’s own in last week’s Bones season premiere.

In Oct. 2nd’s “The Lance to the Heart,” Booth, Brennan and the team attempt to finally uncover the mastermind behind this decades long blackmail ring, not just to put the recent painful past to rest, but to honour the memory of their friend.

ScreenSpy has seen this pivotal episode a little earlier than most, thanks to our friends at FOX, and while we’re reluctant to outright spoil your enjoyment of Thursday’s episode, we’ve been given the green light to declassify the following five pieces of juicy intel from “The Lance to the Heart.”


1. A Heartbreaking Moment for Christine … and Us!

The heartbreak continues in the opening moments of Bones‘ second episode when Brennan and Booth must explain to Christine why her uncle Lance is late for their trip to the park. Bring your kleenex! He said they could go on the paddle boats! Bwaaah!


2. A Living Organism

While pouring their efforts into finding Sweets’ killer, Angela is tempted to refer to the Conspiracy/Blackmail ring as a living organism. While initially reluctant to label it as such, eventually all of the team come on board with the notion. After a while, it even begins to help in their investigation.


3. Booth and Brennan at Odds … Again

We’ve seen Booth and Brennan at odds before, but this time the bust up is loud and accusatory.

“Don’t ask about things you don’t want to know,” warns Booth glowering over a new stockpile of ‘house’ weapons.

“You’re not someone I want in my life, or my daughter’s life” counters Brennan as we all hold our breaths and wait for our favorite couple to calm down.

In the end, Brennan has some simple but harsh truths for her husband, but is he ready to hear them?


4. The Lovely Bones

Watch for a touching moment between Daisy and Brennan over Sweets’ remains.


5. What’s in a Name?

Find out what Sweets and Daisy were going to call their child. Hint? Wait. Do you really need a hint?


6. What is Love?

“The Lance to the Heart” will see Brennan challenged to change her beliefs about the nature of love. Forget chemicals and hormones. It’s “beyond science, beyond reason,” admits Brennan with a catch in her voice. And we reach for more kleenex.


7. An Unusual Funeral

Yes, you will get to see Sweets’ rather lovely, touching and beautiful funeral, during which Booth leads Sweets’ friends in an equally unusual but appropriate song.

Catch Bones’ “The Lance to the Heart” episode Thursday Oct 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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