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Andy Serkis on Returning for Andor Season 2

BY Brandon

Published 11 months ago

Andy Serkis on Returning for Andor Season 2

Probably one of the most praised performances from Andor came from Andy Serkis who had played Imperial slave-turned-liberator Kino Loy. Though it’s implied that Kino died in the prison because he couldn’t swim, show creator Tony Gilroy says that isn’t necessarily the case.

Talking to ET Online, Gilroy confirms, “Well, he didn’t die. I don’t know what happened, but he didn’t die. We never see him die,” Serkis himself also added, “If he jumped, that would be the end of him and he would be out of the picture… But no, he’s alive and [Kino’s] working out his next move.” 

In Andor, Kino was a floor manager who made sure that all the workers did their job efficiently, but when it was revealed to him that the Empire had no intention of releasing him even if he’d been playing by their rules, Kino teams up with Andor and takes over the prison to release everyone.

After watching the triumph of all the slaves being liberated, fans’ hearts were then broken when Kino says that he doesn’t know how to swim. From that, audiences surmise that Kino would die by the time the Imperial back-up comes, but I wonder what Gilroy has up his sleeves implying that the character can come back.

I imagine Dedra Meero might want to interrogate Kino since he worked with Cassian closely in the prison, and maybe she can bargain for his release if he cooperates. With Kino having become a liberator though, I think he could very well join the rebels in the fight against the Empire.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long into the season to see Kino again.

For now, watch the first season of Andor now streaming on Disney+.

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