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Brendan Fraser: Batgirl Didn’t ‘Get a Fair Shake’

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Brendan Fraser: Batgirl Didn’t ‘Get a Fair Shake’

Before WB Discovery decided to axe the project for a tax write-off, Batgirl was set to come out last December, with Brendan Fraser playing the villain Firefly. With a lot of fans online demanding that the studio #ReleaseBatgirl, Fraser talks about how the movie wasn’t really treated fairly by the studio.

Talking to The Howard Stern Show, Fraser says, “The sad thing is, I don’t know if [the movie] was judged on the merit—it wasn’t shown in the best light that it could have had been. I mean, yes, once you give the film to the people world, it’s open season to criticize it or praise it, whatever you want, but [Batgirl] didn’t even really get a fair shake, and that’s disappointing.”

Fraser also goes on to praise Leslie Grace who had been cast as Batgirl in the movie. Fraser goes on to call her a ‘firecracker’. He says, “Dynamite comes in small packages for a reason. She is a dynamo.”

When new DC heads James Gunn and Peter Safran were appointed, a lot of fans thought that they would be open to releasing Batgirl, but Safran had deemed the film ‘unreleasable’, saying that the film could have even hurt the DC brand.

So far, fans can only piece together the story, but everyone who worked on the film thinks that it deserves to be released, even Grace herself. Some are hoping it could be released under the Elseworlds banner like The Batman and Joker, but even now, things are looking pretty grim.

Batgirl is currently a shelved project at WB Pictures with no release date. Catch Batman in The Flash which hits theaters on June 16.

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