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Daredevil: Born Again to Bring Back Jon Bernthal’s Punisher

BY Brandon

Published 12 months ago

Daredevil: Born Again to Bring Back Jon Bernthal’s Punisher

Last September a rumor was going around that Daredevil: Born Again could be re-introducing Jon Bernthal’s Punisher; and since a lot of fans loved Bernthal’s Frank Castle, a lot of people were excited. As it turns out, those rumors are true.

THR reports that Bernthal will be returning as Marvel’s most problematic anti-hero in Disney+’s Daredevil: Born Again. No details have been revealed about Punisher’s role in the series, but Bernthal will be joining returning Netflix cast members Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox.

In the Marvel Netflix canon, Frank Castle was introduced in the second season of Daredevil, and we saw him have a clash of morality with Matt Murdock. Despite Matt’s best efforts, Frank eventually landed himself in prison, but he was released by the Kingpin to further create chaos in the city.

We don’t know how much of the Netflix story the MCU wants to keep, but I think it would be pretty easy to just bring in the characters fully established with no need to revisit the origin stories. Maybe they could hint at events from the Netflix show, but I think it would be better to establish a new slate.

I, for one, thought the gangster stuff was kind of cartoonish in the original series, so it would be great if the Kingpin could have a more fleshed out criminal empire in the MCU. Also, maybe there’s a way to introduce the Hand via Wenwu or the Ten Rings?

Hopefully we get more details soon.

Daredevil: Born Again is expected to arrive on Disney+ sometime early next year.

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