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Did You Catch the Jar Jar Binks Cameo in The Mandalorian?

BY Brandon

Published 12 months ago

Did You Catch the Jar Jar Binks Cameo in The Mandalorian?

Jar Jar Binks has had a unique place in Star Wars fandom; a lot of fans may have hated on the character when he initially came out, but as more Prequel fans get older, there’s more love for Jar Jar Binks. What’s interesting is, he actually had a cameo in the last episode of The Mandalorian.

Star Wars fans will know that Ahmed Best played Jar Jar in Episode I, but not every casual fan knows what Best looks like in-person. What’s cool is, Best actually played the Jedi master who saved Grogu from Order 66 in Grogu’s flashback. Here’s the official poster for Jedi Master Kelleran Beq:

What’s cool is Kelleran Beq is the same Jedi character that Best played in the kids’ game show Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge which came out back in 2020. Though it was a part in a short-lived show, it’s actually neat that Beq was able to have a significant role in the latest episode.

We don’t really know what happens to Beq after he escapes Coruscant, but this certainly opens up the show for more of Best’s Jedi master. Since Grogu ends up hidden away when we first meet him in Season 1 of the show, there’s a lot of room to flesh out Beq’s story up to the point where Mando finds Grogu.

I know a lot of fans would whine, but I would love for Jar Jar to get another appearance. He doesn’t have to be a regular, but I would love to know what he’s been up to during the time of the Empire.

For now, catch new episodes of The Mandalorian on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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