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Echo Set Photos Reveal Look at Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin

BY Brandon

Published 2 months ago

Echo Set Photos Reveal Look at Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin

It may be a while before Daredevil: Born Again comes out, but characters like the Kingpin and Matt Murdock are set to make an appearance in other shows like Echo. Just in, some new set photos have come online of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin.

Check him out:

With Wilson Fisk expected to be wearing an eyepatch in the show after his last scene with Maya in Hawkeye, this scene is said to be a flashback featuring a young Maya. I guess you can also say that the costume is a callback to Fisk’s outfit in the third season of Daredevil, seeing that he wore mostly black in the first season and was in prison garb for the second one.

Though Kingpin as a character was pretty commanding in Netflix’s Daredevil, a lot of fans admit that his re-debut in Hawkeye kind of made him less intimidating. That being said, Wilson Fisk has a chance to make an even bigger impact with a show like Echo, seeing as he’s her uncle. It’s unclear if he’s going to be the main villain, but I think the series is going to make sure we know he’s around. After all, his main adversary in this franchise is Daredevil—and I honestly wouldn’t mind if he found himself clashing with Spider-Man too somewhere down the line.

No release date has been set for Echo yet, but you can catch her and her uncle Wilson in Hawkeye which is now streaming on Disney+.

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