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Get Inside the Finale of House of the Dragon

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Get Inside the Finale of House of the Dragon

We may have to wait two more years till the next season of House of the Dragon, but we do have one more piece of HOTD content with HBO’s inside look featurette which gives us a hint at the episode’s intent and what all the characters are going through.

Watch this:

We essentially have a look at all the major moments in the episode, from Rhaenyra receiving the news of her father’s death, to the clash at Storm’s End. Though Rhaenyra had shown restraint so far, it looks like the death of her son could push her toward violence against the Greens.

Emma D’Arcys says about Rhaenyra’s head space:

“I think [Lucerys’ death] moves the goalpoasts for suffering. Once you’ve lost both your parents and you’ve lost a lover, maybe you think you know grief; and I think what’s so awful is that losing Luke tells her she knows nothing about grief, and completely changes her outlook on the world going forward.”

With Luke being one of the more innocent characters in the series, his death certainly marks a huge loss in House of the Dragon. Besides Rhaenyra, we’ve yet to get reactions from the rest of the family, from his brother Jaecerys to his grandfather Corlys who was adamant that Luke should inherit Driftmark.

The finale wasn’t as explosive as it was, but it certainly sets up all the characters for the upcoming Dance of Dragons.

Watch the complete first season of House of the Dragon now streaming on HBO Max.

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