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Gina Carano Reflects On Losing Her Star Wars Show

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Gina Carano Reflects On Losing Her Star Wars Show

Not too long ago, Gina Carano was set to star in her own Star Wars series called Rangers of the New Republic as her Mandalorian fan-favorite character Cara Dune. After a series of troubling tweets though, Carano had found herself booted out of the universe, and now her series is a no-go.

Word is going around that Carano’s latest movie had bombed in the box office, which led to a lot of people reflecting on her getting fired from Star Wars, and one tweet had apparently egged a response from her. This tweet specifically from THR contributor Richard Newby:

This prompted a tweet from Carano saying that she had no regrets standing her ground, and she believes she didn’t ‘fumble the bag.’ Here’s what she posted:

It’s no mystery that Carano was supportive of the Republican party, but even if that was fine, she had some trouble when she shared a post comparing the scrutiny of Republicans to the abuse of Jewish people during the Holocaust. She had also shared her conspiracy theories about the last US election being rigged.

Around the time of Carano’s firing, rumors were going around that Disney PR was trying to get Carano to do some damage control with her tweets, but with all the support of her fans online, Carano stood her ground—hence, her Star Wars series got cancelled.

If anything, anyone who worked with Carano on Mando had said that they had a great time working with her and that she was pretty nice all around, but with all the outrage she sparked online—and her now Right Wing celebrity status—I think Disney isn’t in any rush to bring Cara Dune back.

The Mandalorian Season 3 is expected to return to Disney+ sometime later this year.

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