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Hawkeye Jeremy Renner Posts Photo of Himself After Accident

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Hawkeye Jeremy Renner Posts Photo of Himself After Accident

Fans had to wait for a few days on an update on Jeremy Renner ever since it was reported that he suffered a serious accident that left him in critical condition, and while fans’ minds were going everywhere wondering how serious the injuries were, Renner has posted a photo of himself in the hospital.

Here’s his post:

We don’t have specific details about the injury that Renner sustained, but he was said to have received major surgery on one of his legs and he was also said to have received injuries on his chest area; we can also see that his face got beat up as well.

As of now, we don’t have a complete report on what happened to Renner, but surely we’ll get more updates when we get further from the day of the accident. Word was even going around that criminal investigation is taking place because there were said to be safety protocols in place that would have stopped Renner’s snow plow from hurting him like it did.

After the news of Chadwick Boseman passing, I’m sure fans were not ready to suddenly lose another major Marvel actor unexpectedly. For now, it looks like Renner will bounce back; I’m just hoping that he manages to walk away from the accident in one piece.

We don’t know when Renner’s next MCU appearance is, but you can catch him in his own Disney+ series with Hawkeye now streaming the complete first season.

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