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How to Listen to a Podcast

A podcast is just like a radio show, but it lives on the internet and you can listen to it anytime, or anywhere! Here’s a quick-and-easy tutorial to get you listening to our awesome podcast in no time.

How to Listen to a Podcast on Your Smartphone

In today’s increasingly mobile world, lots of people listen to podcasts on the go.  Just download a podcasting app on your smartphone (the Apple Podcasts app is already pre-installed for you on iOS), search for STINGER, and hit subscribe. Check your settings to ensure the latest episodes are automatically downloaded and notifications are turned on. You’ll get a notification to listen every time we upload a new episode. Yay!

Once you have a podcasting app and have subscribed, you can listen in your kitchen, bedroom, living room … with headphones or earbuds or without … in your car, on the treadmill, or with your Google Home or Amazon Echo.

How To Listen to a Podcast on Your Computer

You can also enjoy our podcast directly from your computer. Simply visit our podcasts page and click “play” on any episode. If you don’t want to sit in front of your computer to listen, try hooking up a set of external speakers and listen while cooking dinner or cleaning the house. Multitasking rules.