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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 12 Recap – Unforeseen Hope

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 12 Recap - Unforeseen Hope

Save Her

Overhaul offers to clean up Lemillions‘ delusion as the hero continues to fight despite losing his quirk. Suddenly, the wall breaks to make way for Midoriya.

Sometime earlier, Sir Nighteye and the other heroes scramble to find their way back to Eri. They were lost due to Mimic‘s power, who has no more energy to reverse the damage. The police worry that Toga and Twice could still be lurking somewhere.

Midoriya remembers Eraser Head‘s promise to stop the operation if the league gets involved, but Rock Lock tells them to continue and leave the league to the police. Ryukyu, Suneater, and Fat Gum paved the way for them to move on. They‘re so close to their goal and shouldn‘t hesitate any longer.

It motivates the group to continue. Rock Lock was hesitant about the students at first, but they‘ve since proved to be more than capable. He wants Deku and Nighteye to keep their word and save the girl.

Somewhere above, Himiko and Twice overhear the heroes‘ conversation. She wants to follow and see Overhaul get beaten. Twice gets an idea and shares it with her. She hopes that after the battle, both the heroes and Yakuza would break themselves further.

After finally catching up to Overhaul and Mirio, Midoriya greets Overhaul with a quick punch. Eraser Head nullifies the villain and calls for Nighteye to rescue the girl. Nighteye scans the situation and assures Mirio that Eri will be ok.

He Who Meddles

Eraser and Midoriya move toward Overhaul, but the villain Chronostasis stops Eraser with his quirk. Midoriya dodges but his teacher‘s speed is hampered. As a result, he closes his eyes and frees up Overhaul.

Overhaul absorbs Nemoto into him and becomes a huge monster. Chronostasis subdues Eraser and slows him down to a snail. Overhaul curses Lemillion and blames the loss of his quirk in his meddling actions.

Nighteye fights the villain and orders Midoriya to defend the two wounded ones. He‘s proud of Mirio‘s actions and swears to protect everything he stands for. Suddenly, he remembers All Might and their argument. He feels guilty that perhaps looking into All Might‘s future sealed his fate. Gran Torino tells him he‘s overthinking, but since then he promised never to look into another person‘s future again. As he fights Overhaul, he swears to find the best possible outcome.

Midoriya checks in on Mirio and Eri and tries to make an exit path. Eri apologizes to them.

Fate‘s Judgment

At the same time, Sir Nighteye gets caught by Overhaul‘s attack. He pleads for a future where Eri and everyone else can return home safe. The last thing he predicts is Midoriya‘s face as blood slowly obscures his eyes.

Midoriya sees it and retaliates using Full Cowl at 20%. He swears to go against fate and attacks Overhaul. He knows Overhaul will never give up Eri even in death. Overhaul dodges his Manchester Smash and counters.

A bleeding Lemillion staggers to lead Eri to safety even after watching Nighteye get hurt. He falls and struggles to stand up, so he tells Eri to go upstairs to find the others. Eri stares at him shocked.

Midoriya suffers from spikes to his arm and leg. Overhaul gets annoyed at their persistence and uses Nemoto‘s quirk to yell at Eri. She confesses she doesn‘t want anyone to get hurt any further and promises to come back if Overhaul returns everyone to normal.

Sir Nighteye reveals he saw a future where they failed to save Eri, but Midoriya defies it and promises to rescue her. Suddenly, the ceiling caves in to reveal Ryukyu fighting against the brutish gangster from outside.

Our Thoughts

A lot of great themes revolving fate and cycles of abuse get explored in this arc, and I‘m surprised how well they‘ve paced it. Rating: 4.5/5.

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