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Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 21 Recap – Attack Titan

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 21 Recap - Attack Titan

The Task

Grisha watched as Kruger‘s Titan destroys the Marleyan soldiers along with their ships. Kruger freed Grisha from his bonds and introduced himself as Eren Kruger.

Grisha wondered why he‘s the only one left alive as a human, when Dina was better suited for her royal blood. He asked Kruger why he held off for so long, but the man knelt to the ground in heavy breaths.

He has turned many Eldians into Titans before but trusts that it was for the sake of Eldia itself. Kruger explained that the injustice Grisha witnessed during his childhood was one of the factors for him to be chosen, as he was the same way as a child.

Kruger‘s father was part of another revolution, but they were burned alive by the Marleyans as he watched. Since then, he sought the restoration of Eldia, but all he did was turn others into Titans to keep his façade as the Owl. Kruger gave Grisha the crucial task of infiltrating the walls and retaking the Founding Titan by inheriting Kruger‘s powers. Kruger received his powers 13 years ago, which means he‘s about to die soon. This is called the “Curse of Ymir,” mimicking the number of years Ymir lived after her powers awakened.

If the power isn‘t passed on when a Titan user dies, it gets inherited by a baby who‘s a subject of Ymir. One of the inheritors mentioned seeing the many paths that connect all Eldians, and the path converges into one coordinate — the Founding Titan.


Grisha hesitated if he could do it. Kruger urged him to stand and fight to restore the dignity and freedom of Eldia. He handed Grisha a photograph of his family, but Grisha still felt the weight of his sins.

Kruger reminded Grisha that he had the courage to go outside the walls when he was young. Due to their respective sins, they must move forward. He explained that the Titan he‘ll inherit had always pushed for freedom in whatever era it existed. It fought for the sake of freedom, and its name is The Attack Titan.

Historia read the letter from Ymir brought by Reiner. As she touches the letter, memories of Ymir‘s fate flooded into Historia‘s mind. Levi, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin enter the room, and she thanks them for their success.

They soon proceed to convene with the military leaders to discuss the contents of Grisha Jaeger‘s books. Hage testifies that although they lost Commander Erwin, they were able to retake Wall Maria and stole the Colossal Titan‘s powers. However, humanity inside the walls still remains in danger. She explains what she learned from the outside world and the Subjects of Ymir.

The Memories

Kruger explained that the King of the Walls will not be their ally due to their pacifist stance. In addition, they altered everyone‘s memories and told them that humanity has perished beyond the walls. Kruger aimed to strip them of the Titan powers as they aren‘t meant to be king.

Kruger and Grisha succeeded in their goal, and it was passed down to Eren. They also learned that the Founding Titan instilled the same pacifistic view to the next of royal blood who wields it. However, Eren used it once to command regular Titans. Perhaps they can find how to do that as well. He remembers that it only happened after getting in touch with Dina Fritz‘ Titan. He keeps it a secret, fearing for Historia‘s fate.

Before turning him, Kruger told Grisha to build a new family inside the walls so that the past is not repeated. It‘s the only way for them to save Mikasa and Armin. Grisha asks who they are, but Kruger can‘t recall as to whom those memories came from.

Our Thoughts

This exposition feels like drinking out of a hose, but the build-up and mystery leading up to it makes it so satisfying. Rating: 4/5.

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