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It’s Jen v Titania in New Clip from She-Hulk

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

It’s Jen v Titania in New Clip from She-Hulk

We may have gotten a glimpse of Jameela Jamil’s Titania in the pilot episode of She-Hulk, but she’s mostly been missing from the show. Now She-Hulk’s rival from the comics is taking center stage, and we have a new clip of her taking on Jen in the courtroom.

Watch this:

Though Jennifer Walters has been shown as a capable lawyer on her own right, this episode actually has her getting help from another lawyer this time around. We don’t know why Jen would choose not to represent herself, but I guess she’s going to need the help she can get with all the publicity she’s getting.

This is also just my own personal observation, but is Titania’s character supposed to be making fun of MCY star Gwyneth Paltrow? Is her ‘She-Hulk’ brand of beauty products a play at Paltrow’s Goop? They even gave Titania darker red hair—the same hair color Paltrow’s Pepper has in the Iron Man movies.

The clash with Titania has actually been something I’ve been waiting for the whole series run. Show writer Jessica Gao has described how they wanted Titania to just sort of annoy She-Hulk in the series, and after all the guerrilla marketing with Jamil, I’m excited to finally see the character take the spotlight.

I am curious though, will Titania be able to outshine Madisynn when it comes to internet popularity? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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