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James Gunn Announces Peacemaker Season 2

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

James Gunn Announces Peacemaker Season 2

Fans are waiting for the finale of Peacemaker later this week, but James Gunn has gone ahead to announce that HBO Max has renewed the show for a second season.

Here’s his post:

While Peacemaker could have been a one-off character from The Suicide Squad, Gunn has found a great way to expand on the character and has given him a lot of great development when it comes to the series. He manages to really poke at what makes Chris Smith tick, and add to that, he’s surrounded by a fun cast of characters that all bounce off each other perfectly.

Not to mention Freddie Stroma’s Vigilante is a new kind of psychopath that television hasn’t seen before.

So far Peacemaker is a series that is full of James Gunn-isms like graphic violence and silly dialogue; not to mention Gunn’s penchant for body horror which we kind of see when the giant “Cow” is revealed in the latest episode. We don’t know how everything is going to do down in the finale, but hopefully Gunn has an interesting direction to take these characters moving forward.

So far, Peacemaker’s emotional arc seems to be drawing to a close, but maybe Gunn has even more planned for the character down the line. I would love to see a crossover with some more infamous DC heroes. Maybe we can even have a team-up with someone like Harley Quinn or Bloodsport; how about scene with an actual League member like the Flash, or Batgirl who’s getting her own HBO Max film?

Catch the Peacemaker finale when it comes out this Thursday on HBO Max.

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