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LEGO Celebrates Star Wars Day with Animated Short

BY Brandon

Published 10 months ago

LEGO Celebrates Star Wars Day with Animated Short

Star Wars Day May the 4th is coming up with so many reveals, and since it’s one of the biggest licensed brands for LEGO, we have a new animated short featuring some LEGO Ewoks and the upcoming UCS X-Wing set.

Check this out:

Friends, fireworks, and The Force, that’s what we call an ultimate May 4th celebration! The Ewok village has never been livelier, put on your dancing shoes and let’s get this party started!

The short basically takes us to the end of Return of the Jedi with everyone celebrating the defeat of the Empire, and we have some LEGO humor about Force ghosts and fireworks. I know it’s generally kid-friendly, but I wasn’t expecting LEGO to lean in on the fan inside joke that the Ewoks actually cooked and ate the stormtroopers that the Rebels defeated on Endor.

With the ever-expanding world of Star Wars, we should expect the LEGO tie-in merch to keep coming as well. Admittedly, they have been leaning a lot into Original Trilogy material, but so has the Disney+ shows. With the upcoming movie starring Daisy Ridley though, I am hoping that we get some new Sequel Trilogy era merchandise when it comes to LEGO. Maybe they can even revisit some scenes from the first three ST movies because I still need a resurrected Palpatine minifig with the red and black robe.

For more animated LEGO Star Wars, you can check out some specials now streaming on Disney+.

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