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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – My Little Monkey


Published 3 years ago

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - My Little Monkey

[00:01:00] We got a flashback to Officer Decker, who was ordering a sandwich. He seemed to know the owner of the store as he gave him tickets to “Hot tub high school” and told him that his little monkey was going to be a star. The small talk was cut short as someone entered the store to rob it. Officer Decker tried to reason with the robber, but he was gunned down before he could even say a word. The robber ordered the owner to empty his register as Officer Decker lay in a puddle of his own blood.

[00:02:00] Chloe spoke to the warden and told him not to release her father’s killer. She ended the conversation and took a deep breath. Lucifer arrived and blamed Chloe for her idea of opening up to Linda. Since Lucifer had shown his true identity, Linda had canceled all their sessions and would no longer reply to his messages. Chloe didn’t have any time to spare for Lucifer since she was dealing with her own problems. Lucifer offered some assistance, but she declined, stating that Lucifer couldn’t help. Dan arrived with some coffee; he knew something was up; however, Chloe didn’t tell him. He tried asking Lucifer; however, he didn’t notice anything was wrong with Chloe. He realized that Dan had noticed, however, and came up with another idea.

[00:03:40] Chloe went to the California State Penitentiary to speak with the warden regarding the release of Joe Fields. She didn’t agree that Joe should be allowed family leave since he was a murderer and a cop killer. The warden told Chloe that it wasn’t his decision and that Joe had been a model prisoner for over a decade. They had granted his request for family leave in order to attend his granddaughter’s christening. Lucifer called Chloe in order to get her permission to shadow Dan in order to learn his ways. Chloe just told Lucifer to do what he wanted. She couldn’t accept the ruling against Joe, so she followed the armored truck that brought him back to LA. Chloe found the armored truck parked awkwardly at the side of the road. She went to check and found Joe Fields dead.

[00:06:10] Lucifer and Dan arrived at the scene; Dan wanted to know why Lucifer was following him around. Lucifer told him that he wanted to learn how to become like him. Dan agreed as long as Lucifer followed his lead. Chloe brought Lucifer and Dan up to speed. Two guards were dead along with Joe Fields, and everyone was shot execution-style. Ella processed the scene and updated Dan about the prisoner being Joe Fields. Dan asked if it was the Joe Fields, and Chloe confirmed that it was the guy who killed her father. Ella wanted to know if Chloe was alright, and Lucifer pointed out that Chloe should be ecstatic since the person who killed her father got the ultimate punishment. Dan wanted to know who was first on the scene, and Chloe admitted that she was the one who called it in. Dan brought Chloe in for questioning.

[00:07:40] Chloe told Dan that she had made a bad decision by tailing Joe. She volunteered to step away from the case; Lucifer assured her that he and Dan wouldn’t rest until the killer was caught. Chloe insisted that Lucifer and Dan work together. Ella updated them on the prints they had pulled off the armored vehicle. Everyone was accounted for except for an ex-con named Rodney Lam, who had served time with Joe Fields. Dan and Lucifer left to track down Rodney. Chloe went home just in time to see Maze before she went for a job interview. Trixie told Maze to just be herself since she didn’t know what she wanted to do. Trixie loved the sandwich that Chloe had made for her; she requested to eat it every day.

[00:10:00] Chloe told Trixie that the secret of the sandwich was the Hawaiian bread. Her grandfather used to bring Chloe the same sandwich back when she was little. Trixie wanted to know why Chloe never talked about her grandfather; Chloe told her that she missed him too much. Trixie wanted to know if grandpa would’ve brought her sandwiches too. Chloe told her that he would as she called her monkey. Someone rang the doorbell, so Chloe sent Trixie to her room. When she answered the door, a lady pointed a gun at her face. Chloe realized that it was Tina Fields, daughter of Joe Fields. She blamed Chloe for the death of her father. Tina was about to pull the trigger when she was distracted by Trixie’s voice as she called out to Chloe. Chloe took the opportunity to disarm her discreetly. Chloe assured Trixie that everything was okay.

[00:11:50] Tina told Chloe that she had received a videotape from Joe’s lawyers. She showed the videotape to Chloe as she apologized for her actions earlier. Meanwhile, Dan and Lucifer followed a lead in order to catch Rodney Lam. Lucifer had changed his attire to mirror Dan; he wore a jacket along with some skinny jeans. Dan didn’t know how to respond to Lucifer’s attire, so he warned him about Rodney; however, Lucifer had already spotted Rodney eating a hotdog while leaning against his car. Dan approached Rodney, pulled out his pistol, and arrested him. Meanwhile, Tina and Chloe watched a video of Joe telling Tina that he was innocent.

[00:15:10] Rodney confessed to killing Joe. He told Dan and Lucifer that he had wanted to teach Joe a thing about respect. Lucifer pointed out that Dan made being a cop look easy; however, Dan knew otherwise. He tried to confirm the details of the crime with Rodney, who gave them false information. Dan knew that Rodney was lying to cover up for someone, but Rodney didn’t want to tell them the truth. Lucifer told Dan that he was going to stop being like him for a minute in order to get some leverage. Lucifer used his powers on Rodney, who told him that he only wanted to provide for his family. Dan knew that someone was paying Rodney to confess. Since the jig was up, Rodney told them the truth. He needed money, so someone had come to him with a deal.

[00:17:15] Maze visited Linda’s office. She banged at the door, but no one answered. Linda kept quiet from the other side, listening for when Maze would leave. She heard her footsteps going in the opposite direction, so she returned to her desk. Linda was shocked to see that Maze was already inside, despite the door being locked. She asked Maze if she could teleport; however, she pointed out that Linda had left her window open. Linda tried to step away from Maze. Maze knew that Lucifer had shown her the truth. Linda confirmed that she had seen Lucifer’s true self. Maze told her that she was taking it really well; however, she was also afraid of Maze. Linda asked Maze to leave as she opened the door. Maze left without saying another word.

[00:19:10] Chloe rushed to the precinct to tell Dan and Lucifer what she had discovered. Joe was also a fall guy. He confessed to killing Chloe’s father in exchange for regular payments to his daughter. Dan told Chloe that Rodney had done the same. He told Chloe that it wasn’t her fault, but she knew that something needed to be done. Dan and Lucifer surprised Chloe by providing her with a lead on their case. They revealed that the Russian syndicate was transferring money to the bank account they had found. Dan and Lucifer went to Boris in order to get more information. Chloe stayed behind to review previous case files; the warden also provided her with Joe’s personal belongings to aid in her investigation.

[00:23:00] Ella helped Chloe to uncover her father’s killer. Chloe couldn’t believe that a robber would be so well connected that Joe Fields would take the fall. Joe had had all the help that he could get to make the cover-up a success. All they had were unidentified fingerprints from the crime scene. Ella told Chloe that she would try to see what she could find. Meanwhile, Lucifer posed as Dan while talking with Boris. He offered him a deal, and Boris accepted it, which gave them enough evidence to arrest him. They brought Boris to Chloe for interrogation. Boris didn’t want to talk to Chloe; however, she convinced him to at least point her in the right direction. Boris explained that John Decker had died because he had discovered something. Chloe told him that her father was just an ordinary cop; however, it wasn’t the case.

[00:28:00] Dan and Lucifer continued bickering as Chloe approached them. Chloe thought that her father’s death was intentional because he had uncovered something big. Chloe went back to her apartment to read through her father’s paperwork. Maze came home frustrated because she couldn’t find the right job. Maze wanted to know what she was doing. Chloe explained that her father hadn’t wanted to be a detective; however, her father was doing detective work with all the paperwork that he filed. Chloe had tried different jobs, but she felt right being a detective. Maze wondered how to know what job felt right for someone. Meanwhile, Lucifer followed Dan to find out his secret. Lucifer entered a building and saw Dan doing improv.

[00:30:30] Dan improvised as Lucifer to a small crowd who loved what he was doing; Lucifer felt insulted. After a few lines, Lucifer interrupted the show, but the crowd stopped him. After the show, Lucifer confronted Dan, but their conversation took a different turn. For the first time since they had met, they saw something common in their lives. Dan admitted that he did things that he wasn’t proud of and that he saw improv as a way to cope with the divorce. Dan wanted Lucifer to keep his improv as a secret from Chloe. Lucifer understood and zipped his lips.

[00:33:30] Lucifer arrived at Chloe’s apartment, where Maze opened the door for him. He went to see Chloe as she needed help with the case. Lucifer tried to open a conversation with Maze; however, she blamed him for ruining her relationship with Linda. Lucifer told her that he was just trying to fix his problems. Maze and Lucifer continued their argument, but Chloe interfered. Chloe reiterated that she needed help with the case, so Lucifer stopped arguing with Maze. Lucifer pointed out that he didn’t think Joe Fields belonged in the case. Chloe realized that Joe was smiling at the warden instead of her. Chloe checked the warden’s background, and without a doubt, he became the primary suspect.

[00:36:00] Lucifer and Chloe went over to the penitentiary; however, Dan informed them that the warden was no longer there. Chloe went home as she alerted other authorities regarding the warden. Before Chloe could enter her apartment, she heard a muffled noise from inside. She pulled out her pistol and opened the door to see Maze holding the warden hostage. Maze had decided to track the warden down herself. Chloe wanted to alert everyone that she had caught the warden; however, Lucifer and Maze tempted her to punish the warden. She tore the tape from the warden’s mouth, and he told Chloe that her father just wouldn’t drop his investigation and didn’t understand the hints that he provided. Chloe couldn’t contain her anger; she pulled out her pistol and threatened to kill him.

[00:38:30] The warden apologized and told Chloe that he would provide her with all the information she needed. Chloe lowered her weapon and told the warden that he would do well inside the prison that he ran. The warden begged Chloe not to put him inside the penitentiary; he tried to bribe Chloe, but she wouldn’t take the offer no matter what. Maze tried to speak with Linda again. She knocked on her office door and slid her first paycheck to show Linda that she had gotten a job. Maze was working as a bounty hunter for the LAPD. Maze invited Linda to celebrate; however, she refused. Linda slid the paycheck back, but before Maze left, she opened the door. Linda wanted to know how they could keep their friendship when she knew the truth.

[00:41:20] Maze told Linda that everything was still the same, and somehow that was enough to convince her. Chloe invited Lucifer over for breakfast. Lucifer told Chloe that her father would be proud of her. Chloe held her tears back as she hugged Lucifer. Lucifer hugged her back as they started a new chapter in their relationship.

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