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New Mandalorian Spot Hypes Up the Finale Episode

BY Brandon

Published 11 months ago

New Mandalorian Spot Hypes Up the Finale Episode

Jon Favreau’s “Action Figure Hour” series The Mandalorian has been taking new narrative strides this season, and the last episode gave us more connections between the OT and the Sequel Trilogy. With one episode left, we have a new spot hyping up the finale and clash with Moff Gideon.

Watch this:

We don’t really get any new clips, but it’s definitely a good recap of what the stakes are with the show, what with Bo-Katan and the rest of the Mandalorians falling into Gideon’s trap. Some suspect that there is actually a spy among their ranks, and it’s very possible they could be revealed in the finale.

Based on a recent post from Emily Swallow, a lot of fans are thinking that the Armorer could be Gideon’s spy, and her alliance with Bo-Katan could be some kind of ruse to rid the Mandalorian culture of anyone who goes against the creed. Then again, that’s just speculation based on a post:

A lot of fans have also pointed out that she was conveniently away from the planet when they were ambushed, but some think that the spy could actually be the mercenary Axe Woves who kind of has a grudge on Bo-Katan after she bested him in combat.

Either way, I thought the series has been going a very interesting direction lately. Though the focus may not be solely on Mando, I like that we get development for all kinds of characters now, especially with Bo-Katan claiming the role of the ruler of Mandalore.

Catch the finale episode of The Mandalorian when it airs on Disney+ this Wednesday.

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