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Peacemaker’s James Gunn Confirms Work on Another DC Series

BY Brandon

Published 4 months ago

Peacemaker’s James Gunn Confirms Work on Another DC Series

After the success of The Suicide Squad, director James Gunn continues to be on top with the spinoff series Peacemaker starring John Cena. While the series hasn’t ended its first season yet, Gunn has confirmed that he’s working on another DC-related show.

Talking to Deadline’s Hero Nation, Gunn explained, “We’re working on something else now, another TV show that’s connected to that universe… I can’t quite say.” Gunn didn’t give any more details than that, but seeing as he has a penchant for obscure comic characters, it’s very possible this next series could be someone that the general audience has no idea about.

When HBO Max was contacted to confirm Gunn’s statement, the network had no comment when it came to another DCEU show. They also didn’t say anything about a second season of Peacemaker which Gunn says ‘there’s a really good chance’ of happening.

For now, it looks like HBO is pretty pleased with the critical reception that Peacemaker is getting. I admit that some of the banter may not be as clever as it thinks it is, but the character work is still great, and we have an overlying mystery about the butterflies and what they plan to do on planet Earth.

Cena is pretty fun to watch as the out-of-touch Peacemaker, but he’s also surrounded by characters who all have their crazy quirks and drama. I didn’t even expect to like Eagley as much as I did, but that CG bird is a treasure.

Catch the first season of Peacemaker now streaming on HBO Max.

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