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PENNY DREADFUL: 5 Things We Learned From Our Exclusive Set visit

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

PENNY DREADFUL: 5 Things We Learned From Our Exclusive Set visit

We love Showtime’s Penny Dreadful so much that last week we jumped on the opportunity to travel all the way to County Wicklow in Ireland for an exclusive set visit ahead of the season three premiere.

The show is set to return in Spring 2016, picking up on a series of cliffhangers that left every character at a major turning point, and some in mortal danger.

While checking out some of the new sets that will form part of season 3’s 9 episode story next year Supervising Producer Chris King clued us in on some interesting developments in the pipeline.

Full disclosure, we saw and learned a LOT more than we are allowed to reveal right now, including a tour of three incredible new sets, some intriguing character connections that are sure to delight fans, and some guest star identities.

Stay tuned for even more scoop as we edge a little closer to the premiere date. In the meantime, this is what we can reveal/confirm now.


The Cut-Wife is Back … Sorta

Patti LuPone’s scenes with Eva Green were among the most poignant of those filmed last season (barring Eva’s moments with Rory Kinnear’s Creature/Mr Clare), so it comes as no surprise to learn that LuPone is coming back.

This season Patti will ditch the Cut Wife persona to take on the role of Dr. Seward, a therapist whom “Vanessa feels she can trust,” according to SP Chris King.


Ethan’s Family

When we last saw Ethan his attempt at ending his own life (by handing himself in to the authorities) was thwarted by his father’s henchmen.

This season we will finally get to meet Ethan’s father, Mr. Talbot Snr. (who was on set during our visit, and will be played by Brian Cox) as Ethan is returned to his family home. Expect plenty of Ethan backstory!


A New Angle on Dr. Jekyll

Shazad Latif is taking on the role of Dr. Jekyll this season, and according to King, “it will be be interesting to explore this character as a man of color living and making his way in London in Victorian times.”


Vanessa’s New Romantic Interest

If like us you’re waiting for Ethan and Vanessa to finally find a way to fall into each other’s arms, then you may have to wait a little longer.

With Ethan Stateside, a lonely Vanessa will find herself drawn to Dr. Sweet (played by Christian Carmago), her new romantic interest this season. Noooooo!

Dorian and Lily Forever

Dorian and Lily will remain a force to be reckoned with this season.

Our tour involved a stop over by Dorian’s Hall of Portraits where the crew were putting the finishing touches on a VFX-heavy scene.

Expect some interesting developments for this dangerous couple in season 3.

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