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#RenewOurFlagMeansDeath Goes Trending on Pride Month

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

#RenewOurFlagMeansDeath Goes Trending on Pride Month

We haven’t gotten any news on HBO and the renewal of Our Flag Means Death, but since it’s Pride Month, the demand for the show’s second season just got a bit louder.

On Twitter, the hashtag #RenewOurFlagMeansDeath went trending, and fans of the show have been sharing several posts containing the Gentleman Pirate Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby) and his surprising love interest Blackbeard a.k.a. Edward Teach (Taika Waititi).

Check these out:

We don’t know the reason why the show hasn’t been renewed yet, seeing that the reaction for the series has been pretty positive when it came out. Show creator David Jenkins had said about renewal to LA Times:

“It’s a rough one to not pick up on after what happened at the end of it. It’s a particularly rough one. I hope they figure it out. I hope they want to do more. I know everyone in the show wants to. Just to go on [social media] and see it trend for like two weeks feels unreal. It’s so gratifying, even not knowing if you’re renewed, to see that people liked it that much.”

Who knows, maybe HBO was waiting specifically for Pride Month to announce the show’s renewal. If anything, it would be the perfect time to give special attention to the show, which everyone should check out.

While the series does start off a bit slow, Our Flag Means Death does shine with great characters, and the chemistry between Darby and Waititi is just so fun to watch. Hopefully Jenkins and his team get a nice long run for these very colourful pirates.

The year is 1717. Wealthy landowner Stede Bonnet has a midlife crisis and decides to blow up his cushy life to become a pirate. It does not go well. Based on a true story.

Catch the first season of Our Flag Means Death now on HBO Max.

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