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Virgin River Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – Can’t Let Go

BY Angela

Published 1 month ago

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 5 Recap - Can't Let Go

Mel goes for a routine morning jog with Stacey. Stacey feels lightheaded, so they stop for a while, and she tells Mel that her mom told her Mel wasn’t coming to Mark’s memorial. Mel tells her she was not aware that there was even a memorial. She also says that Mark told them they were having problems and that he wasn’t happy. Mel doesn’t believe this.

At Hope’s, Jack was having a nightmare about Lonergan again when Charmaine woke him up to tell him she wasn’t feeling right. Jack calls Doc.

Muriel and Hope see each other in Paige’s bakery truck, waiting for Connie to give them their orders. Connie hasn’t opened the truck yet and was preparing the orders when she hears from the police scanner that Wes was reported missing. Muriel thanks Hope for letting her and Doc spend so much time together and also tells her that they’re going to a dance class later that evening.

Hope arrives at her house and asks if Doc is heading out. She tries to ask Doc to go out with her, and when Doc ends up inviting her to the dance class.

Jack brings Charmaine breakfast and tells her he’ll shower and will be right back. Charmaine tells him that he should go with his friends to their reunion because she wants him to be happy.

Connie heads to Jack’s bar and tells Preacher that she has heard something on the police scanner that he must know. Preacher tells her he cannot talk at that instant, and Connie asks him to meet her in her place after closing. Connie sees Mel and Stacey. She tells Mel that she didn’t like how Mel wrote a prescription for Lizzie without her consent. They step outside, and Connie tells Mel to stay away from Lizzie and that she’ll talk to Doc about the prescription. Mel argues that Lizzie’s 19 and that she has her own rights, including the right to privacy.

Mel heads back and sees Jack. She tells him how Stacey was asking for her ring. Preacher but in and tells Jack that the guys are almost there. He then tells Mel that they are having a  reunion with the guys they went into service with. When Jack moves, Mel notices that he is in some pain. Jack tells her that he slept on Hope’s couch because he made a deal with Charmaine to stop gossiping in exchange. Mel tells him that she doesn’t like that Charmaine’s using her to manipulate Jack. Stacey comes and says they should go.

Ricky’s taking out the trash when Lizzie comes. Ricky asks her why she didn’t show up to the egg relay, and she says she spaced. She invites Ricky to a party and gives him her number. She asks him to bring booze, and when he says he cannot buy it, she reminds him that he works in a bar.

The guys arrive at the bar. They look for Brady, but Jack tells them that he isn’t working there anymore. Preacher decides to stay at the bar to handle the new hires while Jack and the boys go out for some adventure.

Mel arrives at Doc’s, and Doc tells her that Charmaine has slight arrhythmia and that the bloodwork results will come in later that day. He instructs her to start whatever treatment is necessary because he’ll be doing house calls. When Mel offers to do the house calls instead of taking care of Charmaine, Doc tells her that one of the house calls is Charlie, who only gets treated by male doctors.

Jack and the guys go biking, and when Jack urges them to take a dangerous trail, they all bail in fear of getting injured. Jack tells them they should follow him and Zeke says it was the same thing he told them back in Iraq. Jack was taken aback at hearing this, but the other guys were quick to call Zeke out, and they proceeded to the safer trail.

Mel sends Bert out of the clinic with a prescription and permanently sees the new sign that Doc has put out with her name. This made her smile. Finally alone, she takes a look at Mark’s old photos on her laptop. Hope comes in looking for Doc, and Mel closes her computer quickly. Hope asks about it, and Mel tells her about Mark’s death. Hope shares that her second husband died a few months after they married, so she understands the feeling. She comforts Mel.

At the bar, Jamie sampled lots of food, and Preacher asked her if she had found anything she liked. She tells him that she liked everything and that she would like to meet the chef because she might steal him away to work in her restaurant in San Franciso. Preacher then introduces himself and offers her a Barolo from his private stash.

Ricky stashes some tequila for the party later that night. The new hire sees him but does not mind and asks him if he can help him out with an order.

Jack and the guys were having a game of rugby on a nearby field when Mel and Stacey walked by to get some snacks from the bakery truck. Mike sees Jack waving hi to Mel and teases him about her. He said it’s not that easy because Charmaine is pregnant. Their conversation was cut short when the guys found a dog.

Jack brings the dog to Charmaine so she’ll have company.

At the logging site, Brady gets a visit from Calvin, who says that there’s a detective asking questions around. Brady tells him it’s probably just Mike, so he doesn’t have to worry. Brady asks Calvin what the real deal is, and he reveals that they’re handling fentanyl. Brady tells him that’s not what he signed up for, but Calvin tells him that they’ll make lots of money – and that when he retires, Brady might be the new boss.

Preacher meets Connie, and she tells him that people are looking for Wes. After much hesitation, Preacher tells her about how Wes abused Paige.

At Mel’s cabin, Stacey still has not given up asking about the ring and talks about it over dinner. Mel gets a message and heads out, effectively avoiding the conversation. She goes to update Charmaine about her blood sugar condition. Charmaine brags about Jack giving her a dog.

Hope shows up at the dance class that Muriel booked with Doc. She paired up with the instructor and danced exaggeratedly.

Jack and the boys set up a campfire and tell stories. Jack tells Preacher how the boys decided against the dangerous trail. He says they used to be fearless. The boys said to him that life happened, but Zeke, once again, mentioned that the true fearless among them was Lonergan. Jack walks out.

Lizzie and Ricky spend time alone by the river after the party. Liz asks him if he has a girlfriend, and he tells her that he has none because it feels like no one sees him. Lizzie kisses him and tells him that she does.

Jack sees Mel outside her cabin and talks to her about not giving up her ring if she does not want to. When Mel comes back inside, she sees Stacey packing because she overheard Jack and Mel’s conversation and knew that Mel was never going to give her the ring. Stacey leaves.

Ricke returns to the bar to return some booze that he had stolen when Jack catches him. Disappointed, Jack tells him to go home and leave the car because he shouldn’t be driving.

Alone, Jack finally musters up the strength to call Lonergan’s father and ask for forgiveness for not bringing Lonergan back alive. After saying his piece, he discovers that he was talking to Lonergan’s brother because both his parents had passed away. Knowing this made Jack burst into tears.

Our Thoughts

Way to go, Mel! Stacey had no right to ask for the wedding ring, so we’re delighted that she went home without it. We’re worried about Jack because instead of getting closure by calling Lonergan’s family – what he got was the burden of knowing that they died without him asking for their forgiveness. Poor Jack! We hope he’ll come to terms with this soon. We still don’t know what Hope’s deal is. She was the one who wanted Doc to go out with Muriel, but she seemed to get jealous. Oh, and lastly, we hope Lizzie would stop flirting with Ricky if she wants to be with Brady. Ricky doesn’t deserve to get hurt.

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