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Riverdale Season 1, Episode 12 Review: Jason Blossom’s Killer Finally Revealed

BY David Riley

Published 6 years ago

Riverdale Season 1, Episode 12 Review: Jason Blossom's Killer Finally Revealed

MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD. It was Jason Blossom’s death that started it all. “Riverdale” was never the same again when everyone in town found out about his death, and more mysteries continued to pop up ever since Jason’s untimely demise. Tonight’s episode 12 of “Riverdale” sent shockwaves of awe and bafflement as we found out about an incestuous relationship between the Blossoms and the Coopers, a false confession from Jughead’s dad and the strangest revelation ever seen on television, Jason Blossom’s killer: his dad.

Jason Blossom’s Killer Shocking Reveal in Riverdale

Nope, you’re not misreading anything. Cliff Blossom killed his own son. This mystery was actually uncovered by the “core” four (with the help of Kevin): Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica. After they figured out and solved the clues left by Jughead’s dad. After he took the fall to protect Jughead from dying like that of Jason Blossom’s, the “Riverdale” squad took it to their own hands too bring justice to everyone affected by Cliff. With the help of the Southside Serpents and Jason’s hidden jacket, they recovered footage showing the entire murder being committed: Cliff Blossom confronts Jason in the White Worm bar basement, removed the engagement ring that Jason intended to give to Polly Cooper (his third cousin), and shot him in the head.

This scenario starts off all the events that happened in “Riverdale” during this first season. The episode dropped cliffhangers towards the end, showing the creepy notion of protection that the Blossom family has been keeping up to protect whatever empire they’re trying to maintain. Once the “Riverdale” squad learned about Cliff Blossom’s murder, they immediately told Cheryl. But things get weirder as usual as Cheryl appears unfazed by the news, goes back quietly to their dinner table and says that her dad had done “a bad thing.”

Nothing is reveled as to what happened next, but once the police come in to arrest Cliff Blossom, we find him hanged n the Blossom’s maple syrup storage room. A pack of drugs were also hidden inside a barrel, implying Cliff’s shady activities.

Where Riverdale Goes From Here

The recent episodes have already been hinting at a very bad secret within the Blossom family, but us learning about Cliff killing his own son wasn’t really what most people were expecting. But you’ve got to give props to the showrunners: them managing to deliver video evidence if the murder to answer the show’s main mystery and at the same time raising questions about the shadiness of the Blossom family. One thing’s for sure: the next episode will drop more questions and a huge twist to cap off the series.

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