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Biohackers Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – Suspicion

BY Kean

Published 4 months ago

Biohackers Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Suspicion

After Lorenz leaves on the night of the accident, Mia tries to wake her parents up. She removes the shard of glass that pierced through her left arm. She looks around and realizes there is no one there to help them. 

Dr. Lorenz leaves Mia and Jasper their tasks because she has an appointment. After meeting with the subjects for their trial, Mia starts to make her move. She uses the keycard the day before and tries to get into the Archive office. Dr. Lorenz’s other assistant catches Mia and asks what she’s doing. Mia says that she needs to check some files, and if she can’t get in, she will contact Dr. Lorenz. The assistant says Dr. Lorenz can’t be bothered and lets Mia into the room. She searches for the files of her brother, Ben, but the results say it’s in off-site digital storage. The assistant, Monique, says they only store the DNA samples in the lab, but the corresponding files are all in Dr. Lorenz’s house. 

Jasper takes Mia to a party organized by a friend. There, she sees glowing plants like the ones Chen-Lu has at home. And, when the lights are off, particles from the plants on their skin also glow; Mia reminds Jasper that he still has to do some experiments for Lorenz. Jasper tells Mia that she can’t come with him, but Mia insists that she has to use the toilet.

Once she’s inside, she starts looking around the house. Jasper keeps on reminding her that she can look around but she can’t touch anything. Mia goes to Dr. Lorenz’s office and tries to use her computer. She can’t guess the password, so she goes out of the room looking for Jasper. She finds him working in the lab. He tells her she can’t be down there but Mia promises not to tell anybody. Mia sees mosquitoes in a container, and Jasper admits it was his experiment, all for the name of research. He says he modified them, so they transmit diseases as efficiently as possible. Mia notices the mosquitoes have red eyes. Jasper says they have to do that to genetically modified life forms so you can identify them from the rest if they escape. He adds that the mosquitoes wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild longer than two minutes. He doesn’t worry about getting bitten because there is an antidote for every disease in that lab.

While they’re talking Jasper suddenly gets weak. Jasper refuses to be taken to the hospital, but instead, he asks Mia to call Niklas. They submerge Jasper in the tub when Niklas arrives to lower the fever. Mia wants to know why they can’t bring Jasper to the hospital. Niklas reveals that Jasper has Huntington’s. And if the hospital finds out that Jasper is helping himself, they will close down the lab, and he’ll die. Niklas says that Jasper has been working on gene therapy for years. Dr. Lorenz helps him by getting him the required DNA building blocks. Aside from making him work as her assistant. 

Niklas decides to call Dr. Lorenz to let her know. Mia doesn’t want to talk to Dr. Lorenz because she’s not supposed to be at her house. But because Niklas doesn’t know what Dr. Lorenz is saying, he hands the phone to Mia. Jasper overdosed and now they have to make him an antidote. Mia fails to get the results she wants, so she phones Chen-Lu. Chen-Lu arrives and says that it’s illegal to manipulate a human genome. But Mia drags her into the house and asks her to make the antidote. After successfully making one, Mia injects it into Jasper. As she does, she remembers waking up at the hospital after the car accident. Beside her was her grandmother. 

Niklas confronts Mia and says she’s just like Lorenz. He mentions that Mia came, fell in love with Jasper, and suddenly made it into Lorenz’s inner circle. When they realize Lorenz has already arrived, Mia rushes upstairs. She unplugs the router before she goes back downstairs to greet the doctor. Dr. Lorenz asks to speak to Mia in private. She says what happened there should remain a secret. Mia asks if the paperwork she did is correct. Because the wifi isn’t working, Dr. Lorenz uses the computer to check the files.

On their way out of the room, Dr. Lorenz sees the trace of fluorescent on Mia’s arm. Mia says she’ll walk herself out, but when she finds the chance, she goes back to the office. Dr. Lorenz has left the computer on. So, Mia prints out her and her brother’s files. Dr. Lorenz returns to the office after realizing Mia is still inside the house. Mia makes an excuse and says she forgot her cellphone. The files are still being printed, but Mia has no choice but to leave. This time, Dr. Lorenz walks her out. Niklas who just got out of the toilet sees the two talking.

Later, when they drive Mia home, Niklas shows her Emma Engel’s files. It turns out that he took the files before he got out of Dr. Lorenz’s house. Dr. Lorenz realizes that someone unplugged the router, and the person left traces of fluorescent particles. 

In the present day, Jasper is on the same train as Mia and Niklas’. He takes out the jar with mosquitoes in them. And then, he removes the lid before walking away. 

Our Thoughts:

Mia is so focused on getting what she wants; she doesn’t care if she’s so close to getting caught. She must be so brave as to print out her files while Dr. Lorenz is in the house. How would she explain herself if she got caught? Luckily, Niklas saw them and decided to take the files. He looks like he doesn’t really like Mia because Jasper is his best friend. He feels like Mia is only using Jasper. So, what happened to them that in the present time, Mia is with Niklas and not Jasper?

When we saw Jasper release the modified mosquitoes, we got so confused. He didn’t seem like the kind of person who would do that. Did he get angry that Mia chose Niklas over him? And we think Dr. Lorenz is already starting to suspect Mia. Maybe she’s only waiting for her to make a mistake before confronting her. It seems like she trusts Jasper so much she lets him in even when she’s not at home. 

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