SHADOWHUNTERS: Love is a Fickle Thing in “Stronger Than Heaven”

Clary’s on the hunt for definitive answers to Jace’s condition in Tuesday’s episode of Shadowhunters.

However, the answers just may come too late.

Meanwhile, Alec’s snooping through Magnus’ personal things turns up more than some trinkets, and while Simon thinks everyone is out to get him, an overtired and overworked Izzy decides to take time out for herself. 

“Stronger Than Heaven” airs Tuesday, April 17 on Freeform, but if you really can’t wait that long to learn more, then you’ve come to the right warlock. We’ve got a potent brew of teasers and tidbits to whet your appetites, courtesy of our friends at Freeform.

As always, we avoid major plot point and character reveals that might otherwise spoil your enjoyment of the live episode. That said, we know that one man’s gentle teaser is another’s great big flaming spoiler, so we urge you to proceed with just a smidge of caution anyway. 

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And now, on with the show.

A Fickle Thing

When we last checked in with Magnus he was entertaining a client with a particularly dangerous penchant for trouble. It appears Lilith is unhappy with Clary’s hold over Jace (um, it’s called love, Lilith) and is determined to convince Magnus to help her — first by claiming to be an old friend of Ragnor Fell (how actually dare she!), and second, by requesting a “fall out of love” potion for her reluctant soldier friend who is too “obsessed” with her to focus on the job.

However, the ever prescient Magnus warns Lilith that it’s always better to have loved and lost than to force someone to drink a potion that makes him fall out of love with you. Forever.

Watch out, Clary.

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