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She-Hulk Ponders Captain America’s Virginity in New Clip

BY Brandon

Published 2 months ago

She-Hulk Ponders Captain America’s Virginity in New Clip

Disney+ has been marketing She-Hulk: Attorney at Law as a comedy show, but this new clip really gives us an idea of just how irreverent the series could be.

In a new clip via IMDb, we have a conversation between Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) discussing the virginity of Steve Rogers. Here’s the clip:

The clip just has Jennifer laying down a bunch of information about Steve Rogers, and we don’t really know where it’s going, until she makes her thesis statement that Steve is a virgin. It feels like something completely out of the comics, and kind of gives us a good idea of what kind of comedic tone the show is going for.  

While the clip is funny in itself, there are already a lot of Marvel fans that are getting angry about the show in the comments. Nevertheless, all the hate is just coming from the same people who think the show is ‘too woke’ so I guess we have nothing to worry about.

There are other fans too that think that Steve lost his virginity to Bucky but that’s a whole different discussion.

With Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel taking the superhero genre pretty seriously, I’m very open for a show like She-Hulk which is said to be a lawyer show just as much as it’s a superhero show. We’ll get to watch Jen interact with all kinds of B-tier characters, and they’re all going to have some kind of silly story.

Catch She-Hulk: Attorney at Law when it premieres Aug. 17 on Disney+.

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