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Star Wars: Andor 2 Allegedly Returning to Naboo

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Star Wars: Andor 2 Allegedly Returning to Naboo

Unlike The Mandalorian or Obi-Wan Kenobi, Disney+’s Andor has always been very sparing when it comes to its referencing of the larger Star Wars universe, with the only familiar planet being visited in the first season being Coruscant. However, a rumor has come out that the show could be coming back to another location from the Prequel Trilogy.

As per, Lucasfilm was said to be planning a shoot at Haver Castle, Kent, a location that served as an exterior for the Naboo palace from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. We don’t really have specifics about how the location will be used, but it’s said that a ‘large sequence’ is being planned there for Andor.

Then again, it’s worth noting that there are two other Star Wars projects being shot alongside Andor which could very much return to Naboo. We have the Acolyte series from Leslye Headland, plus the Star Wars project that’s written by Watchmen’s David Lindelof. With Acolyte taking place during the High Republic era, and Lindelof’s SW being a complete mystery, Andor is the series that seems to be closest to the location based on its place in the Star Wars timeline.

As far as speculation goes, I think Andor could be visiting Naboo in relation to the Emperor. Naboo is the home planet of Emperor Palpatine, and it’s possible he could have stashed something important there. Crazy pitch: what if Luthen is actually the Emperor’s brother, and he’s also from Naboo, and he knows exactly what Palpatine is capable off—that’s why he’s trying so hard to stop him.

With the revelation that Rey was a Palpatine, it would be interesting to see if she had any other family members that actually resisted the Dark Side; then again, I wasn’t really a fan of that ‘legacy’ twist anyway.

No release date has been set for the second season of Andor, but hopefully the show comes back in 2024.

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