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Take an Inside Look at Rick and Morty 6’s Premiere Episode

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Take an Inside Look at Rick and Morty 6's Premiere Episode

The sixth season of Rick and Morty just premiered last weekend, and the first episode has everyone coming back to their original realities. There was a lot to unpack with the episode, and Adult Swim has released an inside look at the making of Solaricks.

Watch this:

Writer Albro Lundy, co-creator Dan Harmon, director Jacob Hair and showrunner Scott Marder dig into the season 6 premiere and discuss Morty’s return to the Cronenberged dimension, Rick’s grand mission, and the episode’s shocking reveal.

While ‘Evil Morty’ has been the closest thing we got to an antagonist in the series, it’s been revealed that the Rick we’ve been following this whole time is also after another Rick—the Rick that killed his entire family, and also the Rick that so happens to be the original grandfather of the show’s Morty.

We don’t really know what Rick Prime’s agenda is, and why he killed Rick C-137’s family, but it’s going to be interesting, delving into that thread and finding out if the show’s main Rick has finally met his match.

This is also just a side note, but it’s great how much character growth Jerry got throughout the show, and though he’s still pretty much an idiot, he is a far cry from the way Jerry was being written back in the second season. I guess that kind of shuts everyone up when it comes to complaining about Jerry not really changing in the course of the show so far.

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