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DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Desolate and Empty the Sea

BY Harris

Published 4 weeks ago

DOTA: Dragon‘s Blood Season 2 Episode 4 Recap - Desolate and Empty the Sea


Mirana agrees to her coronation as Princess of the Sun. Emperor Shabarra wants to prepare a grand wedding to celebrate the Imperium unity, but Mirana has her own terms. She needs the army.

Selemene accuses Invoker of poisoning her in Filomena’s mind. Invoker denies this, saying her sorrow and grief filled those pages. She loved Selemene until the day she died.

Fymryn wants to head back home to stop the war that’s coming. Davion promises he’ll be fine as they say farewell.

Kaden discusses her departure during dinner. He hands Bram a portal scroll before finally saying his piece to Davion. He admits he doesn’t trust Slyrak, but he wants Davion to do the right thing. Rylai hands Davion a coin so he can have an audience with Lina. Apparently, the sisters don’t see eye to eye.

They start their preparations to ride Auroth to the Helio Imperium. Auroth teases Bram that they’re now bonded as mates with the ring, so she won’t eat him.

A group of Coedwei troops sabotages a dam, flooding the human settlement nearby.

Mirana meets with the council of Helio Imperium. The council is confident in their forces, but Mirana knows much more from being on the battlefield herself. There are Leylines underground that can render their borders useless once the enemy gets hold of them. She proposes to invade the Nightsilver Woods and dismisses those who disagree.


Later, the Viceroy advises her that she’s pushing too fast. Mirana reasons they don’t have time.

Meanwhile, Luna is rallying a crew for their prison break.

Auroth and the Dragon Knights arrive outside the Imperium. The dragon changes into her human form to lead them into Lina’s estate. When they arrive, there’s an instant connection the moment Davion and Lina see eye to eye. It’s like they’ve seen each other before.

Mirana looks at the kingdom that has changed drastically since she was young. She asks the Viceroy to teach her the ways of court.

Terrorblade confronts Invoker for the last Eldwyrm’s soul. Invoker skirts around the contract, saying he didn’t promise to collect all of them. He knows what will happen if he does. The demon mocks his cleverness and loneliness, saying he’s the same in every reality broken and old.

Terrorblade claims he knows what he’s up to. He has a bargaining chip in an elf who occupies the hole left by a little child. Terrorblade is confident that Invoker will finish the deed.

Fymryn disguises herself as a human and joins a caravan heading south. A human tells her a story of a squirrel who ruined its tree but managed to learn and hide in its own shade. Beauty can come out of tragedy.


Lina is skeptic that there’s an Eldwyrm inside Davion. That’s why he needs to find the Eye, but getting to the emperor will be challenging. Lina offers to help him.

Luna tricks the guards into giving up the elevators of the prison, so they manage to escape. The guards send a signal for Lina to help the riot. She arrives to burn the pathways and block the prisoners.

Bram suffers a gash from Lina’s fire which Auroth quickly heals. She tells him that they’re not really mated, she’s merely trying out human humor.

Suddenly, Davion sees Luna headed to the palace and joins her and Nico. They manage to reunite with Mirana in her palace. An assassin’s arrow hits Mirana, crystallizing her.

Pangolin and Luna escape from the window. Davion stays. The guards find him clutching Mirana’s crystalline body.

Our Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong, I love the characters but the plot has become too messy. I guess this is the mid-season tangle, 3/5.

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